A Druid’s Primer on Physical and Energetic Land Healing, Part I

Thank you, Dana! I especially appreciate the discussion of “energetic palliative care.” As you know, this is a topic that speaks to my heart, as well. Before “reclaiming ley lines” or empowering other energy centers, we would each do well to tune into the land as a living, breathing, feeling Being. What does the Land request? Sometimes that request surprises. Sometimes the ease of suffering means quietly allowing and helping the land to sleep until a safer time comes for re-awakening. Our own relationship with the land helps us to know the difference between our own well-meaning agenda and what would feel most loving and kind to the Earth. Individual situations widely vary. There is no one-size fits all approach for land healing. Thank you so much for articulating this!

The Druid's Garden

Nature's cycles Nature’s cycles

As we are all so fully aware, our lands are increasingly under duress in ways unprecedented in recent human memory. At least here in the USA, the systematic pillaging of every resource these lands have to offer continues unabated. And within this context, many individuals have recognized a problem and have taken up spiritual paths focusing on the earth itself in various ways. The question becomes–what can I, as one person, do?  As you’ve noticed, a good deal of my time in the last year of blogging (or more) has been exploring this question in various angles and details. And so, I want to share a bit today of the different angles from which we might consider the answer to this question both energetically and physically–providing a roadmap for this kind of work and specifying its dimensions. This means we are going to delve not only into physical…

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