Second Preview from “The Biology of Story”

Beautiful! Thank you, Becca, for bringing Coleridge back into relevance for the world as we create new and preferred realities.

Becca Segall Tarnas

Here is a new preview of an interview of mine from Amnon Buchbinder’s interactive documentary entitled The Biology of Story, this one focusing on the imagination as its own ecology.

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  1. Great to see another person working with this idea. I have frequently used the term “psychic ecology” or “energetic ecologies” in my bloggings. I’m sure you are probably familiar with the work of Rupert Sheldrake and Morphic Fields. If your not, I’m sure you would enjoy his work. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes!

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  2. Thanks, Leeby Geeby! Yes, I’m somewhat familiar but thanks for the reminder to check out his work in greater depth! All the best to you, too.

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  3. You’re welcome. And I love the fact that that he has arrived at his conclusions about the multidimensional nature of biological life through very scientific means. When I talk of things like karma I reference Sheldrake’s morphic resonance as a medium through which this may be stored and experienced. On that note, I think you would really enjoy this article from my archive. Kindest regards. It’s always great to hear from you.


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