Seeking Sacred Springs for Inspiration and Healing

Another sensitive and empowering post from Dana! This one touches upon a topic close to my heart, and our group Imbolc gathering focused on healing the waters, too, including those in not-too-distant Flint, Michigan. The idea of finding a sacred spring (or well) has been knocking on my consciousness for awhile. I don’t know that we have any left in this part of Indiana; however, who knew Dana would find one in fracking Pennsylvania? May we each find the flow that connects us to healing and rejuvenation of the Land and of ourselves.

The Druid's Garden

Heffley Spring in June 2015 Heffley Spring in June 2015

The druid tradition–along with many others–is full of stories about sacred waters. From the Chalice Well in Glastonbury to the invocation of the “Salmon who Dwells Within The Sacred Pool,” we’ve got our water going on. Imbolc (which happened earlier this week) is often a holiday associated with flows, and many of us do workings with water and healing with water in various ways. More than this though, water has a number of key places within our conceptual frameworks in the druid tradition.  In the four element system so commonly used in earth-based traditions (that has been part of western thinking for a very, very long time), water represents our emotions, our intuition, and our connection to our spirituality. In the druid revival’s three element system, water is connected with Gywar, the principle of flow. It is Gywar that helps us move forward and…

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