Making Seed Balls and Scattering Seeds for Wildtending

Brimful of good ideas, as usual! I’m going to try some seed balls this time, since the wide variety of endangered medicinal herb seeds I winter sowed in milk jugs didn’t all grow or transplant well. The seed balls seem like a good way to get more milkweed and medicinal herbs around town. I appreciate Dana’s extra touch of magic and blessing to this process and suspect it’s the real key to success!

The Druid's Garden

Dried seed balls ready for tossing! Dried seed balls ready for tossing!

This is the last post (for a while) in my series on wildtending. In the last month, we’ve explored the philosophy of wildtending as a sacred action, explored the refugia garden principle, I shared my own refugia garden preparation and design, and finally, we are ready to start scattering the seeds!  Perhaps these seeds were gathered from the wilds, given as a gift from a friend, or perhaps, they were gathered from a refugia garden.  Wherever you get them, now is the time to begin to scatter these amazing little balls packed with life, love, and magic.

Seed balls were invented by Fukuokoa and described in the permaculture classic, One Straw Revolution.  They have a number of benefits over other methods for scattering seeds.  First, and foremost, they are easy to throw and toss into spaces you can’t reach.  A lot…

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  1. Last year, while walking home from my garden, I stopped to talk to an elder lady. When they heard I had been gardening they recommended that I get local wildflower seeds, and spread them on the edges of the forests. That way the people who tend the forest would think they were natural, and I would be adding beauty to the path. That was their idea of gardening. Sadly, they were too old to do it anymore.

    Just spreading the idea, for the forest walkers out there. Perhaps ordering a local wildflower’s seeds, and when you see a sun spot in the forest, a few seeds are in order.

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