Walking a Path of Blessings in Nature #Blesstival – 2016

A beautiful sharing from Mary! Thank you, and wonderful New Year’s Blessings for all. Indeed, 2016 has begun in a most magical way for many. Your icicles also remind me of the IS Rune, which can symbolize ice and stasis, but also the way ice creates bridges in winter to places that you cannot reach when the land has thawed. Also associated with the Goddess, inner stillness, and the positive aspects of individuality in harmony with all that IS. Happy year of the fox!

Walking my path: Mindful wanderings in nature

Over at Sophia’s Children, Jamie is putting on a Blesstival Blog Challenge! The idea is to Create a Blessing Wave to Start the New Year.  Jamie says,”it offers the possibility of rippling out the energy and spirit of blessing from within us.”  To share a blessing as part of this wave, click on her name above.

2016 has begun with many blessings for me, and they continue abundantly.

Two feet of snow settled on our drought stricken mountains just before the new year began; a parting gift of 2015. The trees sang it in, and held it close as it decorated their branches. It was a wonderland, and still is, as 2016 has brought 6 more inches.

_DSC0361 - Copy

My second blessing came on New Year’s Eve. It was wonderful to have four cherished family members here with us to usher in the New Year. We began to reflect on 2015…

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