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I love this story from Tania! ❤️

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So yesterday we took a little stroll along the beach directly across from our RV site, on the other side of Pacific Coast Highway.


I began the walk with my bare feet in the sand and water – feeling my water nymph energy.

And as we strolled I found little treasures.

First, this sweet little white feather that reminded me of one from an angel’s wings with its soft, ethereal quality.

Then, this lovely little sea green piece of sea glass shaped almost like a heart.


We stopped to read a sign about the rest of the beach being private and off limits since there were houses sitting right at water’s edge.

So we paused there a moment and captured another photo of the peaceful beach that has mirrored our stay here in Malibu – serene and providing full solitude – when a wave came crashing in behind me and…

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  1. Posted by Sky on January 15, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Letting go is indeed a portal for manifesting the new. You have to let go of what you already have, that you don’t want, in order to create a vacuum that will draw in what you do want.

    This concept reminds me of Terry Cole-Whittaker’s book “How to Have More in a Have Not World”. Terry now lives and teaches in Mt. Shasta, Calif, Lucky her.


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  2. Thank you, Sky! Mount Shasta is, indeed, a very special place. My ex and I used to drive through that area on many moves up and down the West Coast, and many Lemurians live inside the mountain. Lots of important work takes place there!


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