You’re Grounded

I left the following as a comment to Colette on her Bealtaine Cottage Good Life blog post, “Facing into Climate Chaos.” This is her paid subscription blog, but you can find out how to access those posts by clicking here onto her free blog.

I decided to bump up my comment here, because I’ve recently received some frantic emails from people suddenly recognizing that life as we know it might change in a heartbeat. Of course, that’s always been the case; most people just haven’t realized that Western Civilization cannot possibly continue with the same old same old. Neither do most people acknowledge in any real way that “Mother Earth” might actually be our mother. As in, the dispenser of tough love when Her children have gone far too out of bounds.

My point in the comment is that discipline can be a very good thing. I recently got to witness the results of such tough love, this time from a father, and how, over time, his child came to thank him for his seemingly harsh discipline and consequences, now recognizing the correlation between his line in the sand and her renewed and dramatically improved quality of life. This story and others inspired my reply to Colette’s post:

I agree with you, Colette! I’ve often thought how Mama Earth may one day just yell out, “Enough is enough!” effectively confiscating humanity’s many toys and saying, “You’re grounded.” There’s a huge methane leak in California right now that could do just that. Like Fukushima, not being able to stop this has implications for the entire world, and Nature will kick in somehow whether with human cooperation or not.

For most people, this will be a difficult initial adjustment, but for those who’ve taken steps towards resilience and community preparedness, “this could be a good time,” as the Hopi say in their prophecies. A world with no more wi-fi, no more mindless consumer culture, no more television, and no more fracking would shock many, but think of the potential uptick in quality of life! People coming together, sharing their lives and telling each other stories face to face instead of burying their heads in glowing boxes. All sorts of things could happen.

I don’t pretend to be ready for the radical shifts that may come our way, but I’m readier than most and like you, willing to share whatever I do know. “You’re grounded” sounds like a punishment, but it also means, “you’re earthed,” and “you can’t be fried by the surges of energy.” Being grounded heals us and allows us to move through chaos with Grace. Thank you for modeling that to so many! xx

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  1. Well said, Laura. And.. sounding a bit like Bernie Sanders, methinks. 😉 Enough is enough!

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  2. The only toy I need is well…I have lots, but only need a shovel!

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  3. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on January 7, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    So many have the deep, core memory of what happened the last time we were grounded, yep, that would be Atlantis.

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  4. Thanks, Diana. LOL, I was going more for Lao Tzu:

    I’ve always loved the phrase “enough is enough.” When I was married, it was my favorite thing to hear from my now ex, because I knew that as soon as he said it, something big would change. It still works. When someone says that with authority in a session, I also know they’re ready to turn a corner — even if they don’t consciously realize they are!

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  5. I don’t know what toy I need … probably my four-wheel cart. That poor thing gets a lot of use!


  6. Very true, Mitch, although there have been other moments that few remember during the Middle Ages. The last big time, global catastrophe was Atlantis. It’s interesting, though… I was talking with a client today about reactions of people in an emergency. Some respond to their own emergency as though it’s the Apocalypse, going all survival, even if it’s only their own, personal emergency. Others reach for the oddest things! Like stevia. Really?! I still contend that the more grounded with Terra we are, the more easily we’ll weather whatever storms come our way.


  7. I love the Lao Tzu quote! Seems related to something I’ve been reading/writing about lately, addiction to craving…you might enjoy: xx

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  8. Very interesting article, especially these points:

    “What’s more, brains become sensitised to cues. If you use Pavlovian conditioning on rats to link a certain cue to cocaine or sugar, the rats will eventually end up wanting the cue more than the substance. This behaviour is also common in humans. For many addicts, scoring drugs becomes part of the ritual, eventually rendering the anticipation more pleasurable than the drug. The same may apply to checking our phones.”


    It’s not that meditation makes the wanting go away. “What it is doing”, Berridge says, “is giving the more cognitive mind a way of distancing itself from the urgency of those wants. It’s a practised mental gymnastic. A want occurs, but because you’re so practised, you can recognise that want, appraise it, feel it all around, focus on that, and the feeling of urgency as a feeling, without engaging in it.”

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  9. When we finally “get” the idea, or actually the FEELING of having-enough, it’s so liberating! (The feeling might not last, but each taste makes a difference.)


  10. Posted by Kieron on January 8, 2016 at 12:52 am

    Well, I for one had long ago expected Her to throw down and holler, “All right, that is IT.” Her patience and forbearance have been admirable.

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  11. Posted by penniewoodfall on January 8, 2016 at 10:19 am

    Funny thing is ‘discipline’ leads to a certain sort of Freedom..
    ‘Know Thyself,Everything in Moderation’

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  12. Yes, “discipline” is a kind of Freedom!

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  13. Indeed, Kieron, no one can rightfully complain about Her behaviors, whatever She does, as She has been exceedingly patient.


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