Dancing My Way To A Rebirthing Of The Light

As usual so much of what Tania shares parallels both my own little ballerina days — I think I stayed with it until age 12, though — and even more so with this past weekend’s events. They were very powerful, like a shamanic intersection with ordinary life, and deeply healing not just for me, but for everyone in our group.

David and I had recognized the vast potential for both awkwardness and tremendous healing, and I spent the past 3 months sending Reiki to our travels and the events, plus the past two weeks covering everyone and every venue there in Runes. The sacredness and otherworldliness was palpable and announced to us by a coyote calmly crossing right in front of our car in the middle of incredibly busy traffic in Schaumburg, Illinois on our way to Madison. We also saw a hawk and a huge flock of crows en route, all portending that this was no ordinary weekend. I will share photos of our Yule celebration with dear friends in Madison, but Sunday’s family events will remain largely private, as they were deeply personal and transformative.

In my case, it was a healing related to place and to old dreams and versions of myself. We attended David’s daughter’s college graduation, which was so important to her for so many reasons and sooooo filled with pomp and circumstance and family. No dry eyes in our group, and the spontaneous tears of cleansing and joy lasted most of Sunday. Actually, I’m still tearing up as I type about it even now. It was like all the Reiki, Runes, positive intentions, courage and love conspired with the Universe to send us all into an extended series of rituals and initiations. Truly the most potent Winter Solstice we have ever experienced!

As Tania’s post shares in detail, the energies of this weekend were powerfully healing for anything related to the inner child, childhood wounds, and lost potential being reclaimed and integrated. Many blessings, much love, and deep healing to everyone!

Tania Marie

20151220_160109_resized_2Yesterday we celebrated the holiday season and welcoming of today’s Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere with a family gathering enjoying The Nutcracker ballet performance at Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

It was quite the production with over 100 performers, elaborate sets, and costumes.

And it was quite enjoyable – for me nostalgic and deeply triggering and healing.

20151220_153521_resized_1Our going was in large part chosen to entertain our little 3 1/2 year old niece, Violet, who is currently taking some ballet classes and has a thing for princesses, ballet dancers, and faeries.20151220_152650_resized_1.jpg

However, although unbeknownst to them, it turned out to be important for me too.

20151220_154630_resized_1We were also gifted a behind-the-scenes tour after, of the sets and costumes, as Violet’s mom is dear family friends (since she was a baby) with a woman in charge of costumes for The American Ballet Theatre productions – Hillary.20151220_153208_resized_1

So it was…

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  1. thank you for sharing the intersecting parallels. reposting my comment here.

    so glad your weekend’s festivities were so powerfully healing for all. really beautiful!

    always love sharing the journey with you.

    it’s interesting as those few years shaped much more than just the essence of me, but also shaped my feet lol from wearing my ballet shoes and being on my toes all the time! as even just those few years left their mark on them. i’ve had older dancers remark on my feet and asked if i was a ballerina. i’ve also never stopped walking on my toes, as i do it to this day.

    the little girl in me sees the little girl in you! ❤ you!

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  3. […] if we had not already committed to attending David’s daughter’s college graduation and those extremely important and deeply healing festivities, we would have gone to Pennsylvania for the holidays. Instead, we planned a trip for early March, […]

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  4. […] Originally, we would have been staying about twenty minutes apart since we could not find any accommodations capable of housing both parties. Our trailer option meant a very different sort of packing, but it also meant we would be about twenty yards instead of twenty minutes away from each other! It meant we could hang out with Tania and Dave in their “home on the road,” while David and I shared our homecoming to the place he and I first lived together. A place with loads of vegan food options. A place we both love and had planned to drive through on our way home anyway to have lunch with dear friends there. A place which increasingly seems to be some kind of Wheel of the Year vortex portal for us, as demonstrated further by our potent Winter Solstice 2015 in Madison. […]



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