Earth Ambassadors and Speakers for the Trees

Another important post from Dana, this time on how to become an Earth ambassador. Hint, not this way:

“And for examples of this, I put to Thomas Friedman and Al Gore, both of whom tried to make really strong points about the earth and climate change, encouraging less consumption, and new ways of living, and both of whom were called out publicly in many venues because of their personal living conditions and for not walking the walk. Thomas Frieman lives in a 12,000 square foot house and advocates for smaller dwellings and less consumption. Gore, who advocates that climate change is human caused and that we need to radically change our lives, lives in a 20,000 square foot house and uses up $30,000 of electricity–that’s 221,000 KWH–in a single year. And you are lecturing everyone else on reducing consumption? Uh, yeah. Don’t be these guys.

“Living consciously and earth-centered is hard work–it takes continual monitoring, dedicated effort, and critical awareness.”

I am enormously relieved by the true Earth-lovers’ push-back against the hypocritical alpha dogs of Climate Change. It’s not comfortable, but the sooner permaculture folks, gardeners, wildcrafters and ordinary people who just love our planet realize that our true allies are in Nature and each other, not “sustainable development” corporations and “globalist philanthropists” … that real agency is a form of will and power on behalf of Nature and through relationship with Nature — not some acronym like the EPA … the sooner realized, the better. We have agency … and we best use it for best use. Thank you to Dana and to all Earth lovers making whatever difference we can in whatever ways we can. May our actions inspire more actions and connections!

The Druid's Garden

One of the basic problems today is that our land and many of inhabitants can’t speak for themselves and have no legal rights. The word “agency” in a philosophical or rhetorical sense refers to one’s ability to act in a given environment, to have power in that environment, and to have voice. In the case of our land, the non-human inhabitants speak a language that is simply not recognized as a language and those inhabitants and landscapes have been systematically reduced into mere objects of worth. The discourse of our civilization leaves no room for their rights or participation and yet that discourse determines, to a great extent, their fate. They cannot participate in the decision making about our world; they are not considered stakeholders. As such, they are the unfortunate passive experiencers of the many unfortunate exploitative decisions of that civilization.

An Ancient One cut down... Two ancient trees in a row cut down…

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