My Time Away ~ Receiving Far More Than I Sought

Tania and I keep in touch daily or almost daily, and we’ve often chuckled at how the rapid changes in both our lives manifested so fast after our magickal visit together this past May and how our paths converge yet also balance each other. She downsized just as I added the house next door; she felt ready to release the blue Arcturian just as I started having “random” thoughts about this stately crystal; she hit the road, just as I committed to staying put; she returned from her sabbatical just as I announced my break — and yet she’s not fully returned, nor have I fully departed. We’re both in a liminal phase, but coming from opposite ends.

In any case, I’ve witnessed this magickal unfolding in real time and through my own yin yang lens, but it’s always fun to read the full journey processed over time. If nothing else, click through for the photos alone! Just beautiful. Love and a hearty welcome back to my faery twin! I met Tania during her previous 9 year, and my goodness, what a wild and lovely cycle it’s been!

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From anchored home to tiny house on wheels.

From car to bike.

From grounded yard to mini traveling garden.

From simplifying life to a more expanded me.

From inhuman acts of strength to deeper connection and peace.

From trusted unknowns to manifested reality.

From dreaming and believing to shooting stars and rainbows.

From hearing about fears and illusions to experiencing magick plants, butterflies, animals, and beings.

From soul exhaustion to reinvigorated inspiration.

From personal love to harmonious love.

From forgotten to remembered.

From who I was to who I am.

From one reality to another.

Yes, it’s been quite an eventful, full, enriching, and rewarding three months.

While I hate to provide too much reading material, I’ve also been away so long, I felt some bit of chronicling may be in store. People can choose to read or not…or use it as reading material for your little daily break fun.

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  1. fun, fast, freaky, fantastic times. lol! thank you for the warm welcome. as you know i return reluctantly, so i’m glad to have our connection to ease the process. it’s been a long time…crazy good changes and experiences we’ve both seen each other through! love you!

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  2. Posted by manyhahama1955 on December 3, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    Lovely post, Tania Marie! Love and blessings on your journey! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Love you, too! ❤ Yep, I know, reluctantly, indeed. Just got back from the woods. 🙂

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  4. thank you so much @manyhahama1955!! ❤ really appreciate you sharing in the journey with me ❤


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