Energies of Now: Zap-Zone Holidaze and Handy Intel

Astro-weather report from Jamie: stormy with a touch of Sturm und Drang. I’m not an astrologer, but I can attest to the accuracy of Jamie’s report based on all the drama I’ve already heard about through this week’s coaching and intuitive sessions.

In addition to Jamie’s sage advice, it’s also a great time to remember the energy brush off: sweep your right hand from your left shoulder, down past your finger tips. Repeat on the other side. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Flick the energy off your fingers, too. Let. It. Go.

It’s not yours. YOU are the eye of the hurricane, the calm in the storm, the Two of Swords, and the birther of dancing stars.

Sophia's Children

Spiral Eyes, from Team Pixie U.K. Spiral Eyes, from Team Pixie U.K.

Uh-yup, it’s a doozy of a week, a dilly of a pickle, and the bees knees of energetic swirling dervishes … and likely a few Tantrum Yogis and Hissy Fit Artists, too.

Super sweet:

Cranky, tetchy, touchy, intense energy soup just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., and for the ‘Black Friday’ start of the often manic, angst-stirring holiday ‘shopping season’ common to the more consumer-driven cultures.

Woo hoo! But remember that in chaos and seeming crisis there’s great potential and creative juice, too.

So here’s a bit of energy weather reporting and Rx suggestions for us all.

Snapshot for the tron-maimed, five-second attention span:

We have some highly sensitizing, electrifying, zap-zone energy dynamics afoot this week, increasing the tantrum-yoga, hissy fit, outburst, psychic-vomit potential.

Empath-sensitives get a heads-up to stay aware and honor self-care needs to be most skillful.

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  1. This is happening…
    🙂 I could feel it building even a few days ago. No worries, I’m ready. Thanks for sharing this.

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