Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings

Thank you, Jon, for the compilation. This won’t be news to some readers, but it’s important for more people to recognize all the co-inki-dinks in this absurdly simulated reality. Beware of active shooter drills in your area, and publicly document advertisements for crisis actors. Also notice the tell-tale immediate spin: behold, the magical passport that opens portals to other wars! Watch in amazement as that very same magical passport destroys natural human rights in the name of security. Watch as we shove your self respect into this tiny box and slice it in half before you can say abracadabra. Poof! It’s gone.

May the props drop and spectacles fail. There are so many more interesting and life affirming, creative possibilities than the sick, rerun scripts the media-military-industrial complex churn out ad nauseam.

Poetic Justice, please feel free to make a cameo appearance. Your presence would spin these hackneyed plots in a refreshing, new direction. The boy who cried wolf meme can work both ways. What happens if the “useful idiots” and “useless eaters” get so bored with all the trauma-drama that they refuse to perform their appointed roles? What happens if all the actors and the audience walk off stage and out the theater door? What happens if the gloating producers and directors slip on rotten tomatoes and GMO banana peels?

What happens if we make them obsolete? They push control; we hit alt, delete.

It’s catchier than the Hegelian Dialectic, and a much more effective “solution.” In a world of mediocre scripts, uninspired characters, and tawdry spin doctors, become your own show. Play your life with skill, passion and excellence, and as you begin to realize how good you are: show some self respect! No one needs to whore after a “director.” You are stardust. You are golden. Get out of the theater and into the garden.

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Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings

What are the odds?

by Jon Rappoport

November 21, 2015

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By Jon Rappoport

Note: Thanks to I found much information at the site, as well as links to relevant articles.

Whether mass shootings are approached as the mainstream reports them, or as false flags, staged scenarios, or outright hoaxes, there is a common thread which runs through some of them: official training exercises held just prior to, or at the same time as, the shootings.

I’m not trying to present an all-inclusive list here.

The November 13, 2015, Paris attacks: “Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, from which 16 people died, Paris-area ambulance crews and emergency personnel have taken part in regular exercises designed to test their readiness for possible attacks. One such exercise was held on Friday morning…

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  1. Yeah, the disturbing thing is that all of this got seeded in the US in 2014. Thanks for the link.


  2. Posted by Kieron on November 25, 2015 at 4:06 am

    “They push control; we hit alt, delete.”

    LOL! Don’t forget this one: Shift! 🙂

    Sadly, the drama is playing out hereabouts as another shooting of a black man happened a week ago, and the ensuing demonstrations have gotten increasingly tense. Just when they started to calm a bit, there just *happened* to be some random white guy who shot at the protestors/demonstrators, and now everyone is all stirred up again– right on cue.

    I can only shake my head in dismay…

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  3. Oh, yes, don’t forget to Shift! 😉

    Sorry, but not surprised to hear that about Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the big nasties have had their eye on your area for quite some time. Good thing you’ve all got some good shamanic action going on there to buffer the energies.


  4. Posted by Kieron on November 25, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    I desire to be equal to the task!

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