Winter Wonderland Garden Update

First snowfall yesterday! Today, the yard looks like a winter wonderland, in delightful contrast with the lush and flowering indoor garden. Here are some photos to cheer you up on a chilly day. Well, it’s chilly here, anyway! A perfect day for vegan aronia-quinoa-cacao scone biscuits:

aronia quinoa scones



Flowering geraniums, a budding Christmas cactus, peppermint, a living palm screen, lettuce microgreens, aloe and jade in the southern window of our house:


The blue house offers a less sunny southern window for oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, aloe and a tree collard cutting, while Mr. Meyer Lemon seems to prefer my sunny southern office window, along with jade and snake plant companions. The office is still not finished, but at least the plants and crystals are happy!

Tonight we’re making a stir-fry and topping it with these homegrown Chinese artichokes, affectionately known by me as “the little dudes,” which I harvested on Friday alongside these self-sown carrots. Gotta love self-sown carrots! I harvested a few more before the snow arrived.

carrots and Chinese artichokes

Chinese artichokes are related to mint and will hopefully be a perennial if I harvested them right. The little dudes grow from the roots, and they taste a lot like water chestnuts. You can eat them raw, as I did yesterday, and we think they’ll make a fun topping to a mixed veggie stir-fry. They required zero work, just a contained plot and some water, until harvest, so I hope the remaining roots prove vigorous enough to grow again next spring.

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  1. Nice pictures! After seeing the snow, it looks so nice and cozy in your house, nice and warm from cooking those great looking scones.

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  2. Thanks, Mary! Yes, it’s very cozy inside, and LOL, those scones … mmmm, I ate a bunch. I was out of gluten free flour (or so I thought at the time anyway), so I ground up a quinoa-millet-buckwheat combo and more quinoa into a fresh flour. With chia seeds, coconut oil, aronia berries and coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, they were practically a health food!

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  3. Posted by manyhahama1955 on November 30, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Blessed Mother Earth! I’ve never seen those little dudes before…sweet! Lotta snow already. We just got back from Boulder…got a little snow while we were there…Winter ushered in. love and peaches (meant to write peace : )) to you!

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  4. They were yummy! I froze two more batches for other stir fry dishes, because the little dudes are surprisingly filling! Love and peaches to you, too. ❤


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