Finding Our Way

On first glance, the next three links  and video might seem completely unrelated; however, taken together, they form a mosaic of awareness, compassion and navigation for these troubled, yet high potential times. I’ll give a quick intro of each link. Please click through as you feel led. These links will likely find more resonance with those from Europe, the UK or with European heritage, but anyone can extrapolate for his or her own culture and ancestry.

Uniquely You, Divinely One

This is a post from February 2013, but it holds increasing relevance today as questions of cultural identity move into front lines of discussion. In addition to exploring a beautiful painting by dear friend and artist Tania Marie, I draw examples from permaculture and monoculture as ways of looking at human culture, global awareness, and “sustainability.”

I also briefly discuss how Runes and a burgeoning Folk Movement were successfully perverted and exploited in Nazi Germany. What began as a deepening of roots and corresponding strength of the People was funneled into the bankster bonanza of WW2. With the current “immigrant crisis” in Germany, as well as the rise of Neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine, Europeans and those of us with European ancestry would do wise to reclaim and nurture our cultural and spiritual heritage, honoring and protecting these from being either snuffed out by censorship, or completely co-opted by far right extremists.

Plants with shallow roots struggle to survive when challenges come. We need to deepen our roots in order to survive the coming storms and droughts — on all the levels.

Refugee Crisis in Germany: Nazis on the rise, “never again” is happening again

via RMN

This lengthy article explores, in depth, ideas from Sebastian Haffner’s book, “Defying Hitler,” which carries inside it the same warning I keep raising to the extremely progressive, “granola,” “love your neighbor” types I usually find myself surrounded by in volunteer settings, Transition Goshen gatherings, or Earth healing events. Many blog readers know that straddling the line between far left media brainwashing/fear-mongering and increasingly far right “alternative” media reactive-fear-mongering creates strange allies and often gathers looks like you’ve got four heads.

Despite the discomfort, we need people to continue and yes, dramatically increase, building viable bridges. We’ve got geo-engineered and natural climate chaos. We’ve got politically engineered, war caused and climate caused refugees situations, and we’ve got poisonous fundamentalism of all stripes fighting against all but their own narrow dogma. Meanwhile, we’ve got incredibly precarious food chains, power grids, national borders, financial systems, and emotional stability. Here’s where the above article puts forth the challenge to those with some awareness of what’s happening:

According to Haffner, people governed by fear but not ready to join the frenzy will “withdraw into their private lives” and pretend that everything is fine as long as they can manage, while ignoring the signs that become more obvious every day. And this is exactly what is needed for the rise of a totalitarian state: people of conscience paralyzed at home, a mob on the streets shouting angry slogans, and everyone in panic. At that point, it doesn’t really matter who steps in as “the savior”, whether he crushes the mob (and the genuine opposition with it) or leads the mob to victory, because the result will be the samea totalitarian police state, backed by the same elites that created this whole situation in the first place by their plundering of the economy, corruption and endless wars for profit.

I’ll tie in a series of questions from Uniquely You, Divinely One: “Here … and beyond, what form of global awareness do we wish to invoke? What type of Oneness do we wish to invoke? What kind of peace and sustainability do we wish to invoke?”

I don’t continue to raise awareness of right wing concerns because I’m secretly a right wing extremist. I continue to synthesize information from both sides, realizing that the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 remains in effect. Those who wish to stay in control spin both sides of every divisive narrative, every divisive issue, and every divisive religious war. They profit from wars of all sorts, and by keeping us fighting each other, they successfully utilize smoke and mirrors to herd us into ever tighter restrictions. Those who most love progressive values would be wise to engage those who most resist those values. Let each side exchange information, not to become the same, but to find who’s best at which things, so that together, we can breathe.

Northern Soul Complex

The video below gives insight into what Daniel Updike calls the “Northern Soul Complex.” Daniel (“Wodenson”) gives a history and description of important differences between unity and uniformity. This broadcast explains unique language, needs and spiritual concerns of European heritage — not to disparage other cultures, but to help people reclaim their own lost genetic and spiritual heritage.

If you have a different heritage, please consider digging into your own heritage to see if you find any gems from your own folk soul. Again, I share this not to exclude mixing traditions, but rather as an encouragement to deepen the connection between body and soul, and thereby increasing a sense of rootedness in this time of great migration. Be where you are, but also know where you’ve been.

Note from youtube:

The NRR Podcast episode “The Northern Soul Complex” re vamped for airing on the NRR radio station. The diagrams of the “Northern Soul” are inspired by the writings of Edred Thorsson, who discusses this complex in his books “Runelore”, and “The 9 Doors of Midgard” which are recommended reading for those serious about understanding the symbolism presented here.

The pronunciation of the parts of the soul are essentially incorrect in this broadcast, and intentionally so, as the persons listening/watching the material would spend far too much time attempting to find the portions of the soul being discussed thus missing subsequent points being made on the subject matter. It was decided at the time of recording that speaking the words as they would naturally seem in modern English would serve the listener better for this purpose.

One thing I particularly like about this discussion is the observation of expansion or contraction. If you’re not actively expanding your awareness, your reach, your creativity, then the power of contraction dominates your life. In chaotic times, one way of bringing peace to our world includes expanding your inner peace further and further outward from the core of your inner being. IMO, whatever tools facilitate that expansion of peace, positive creativity and blessing merit exploration. Every culture and religion has its own esoteric, mystical traditions, which can inform and inspire deeply rooted strength and action to guide our reality towards love, nurturing and healing.

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  2. Posted by mia morales on November 21, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    cool~~ i enjoyed listening to the Northern Soul Complex radio show…
    i love the simple analogy of culture and language, as an explanation of why people understand the universe in unique ways, and why there are different groups of religions and spiritual paths, that make sense and resonate to groups of people, given the context in which they live…
    …and some people are very much tied to and devoted to the one way they were raised spiritually/religiously…in a natural and pure way, that truly makes sense and resonates to them.
    then there are others who may resonate with more then one path, and incorporate multiple aspects of religions and spiritual practices into their own unique compilation…
    kind of like some people speak just one language, and some people speak multiple languages…
    and then of course there are past life influences that we bring with us~ deeply ingrained beliefs, philosophies, practices, lineages, styles and levels of experience…
    and the conditioning from those past lives, surely bare a great influence…cool to think about…
    thanks for the post, Laura! ❤

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    • You’re welcome, Mia! Glad you resonated with this post, and thanks for the additional insights. Yes, I like the polyglot analogy, and yes, past lives do come into play. I’ve found this is also true with plant medicine. It works differently if you have a connection to the land wherever the plant originates — whether from DNA, growing up there, or in some cases, past lives. Otherwise, it seems many people get addicted to the plant medicine without necessarily experiencing the purportedly deep benefits. So interesting all these factors, but deepening our grounding is key in a world gone topsy turvy. ❤



  3. Posted by CindyW on November 22, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    thank you for these three links – I follow the idea. We are living in a time that could go more than one way. I try to bridge among my own relatives, who are “Right” (with them I focus on sovereignty and collectivism, not Right v. Left) and top down “Left” (“leave it to the experts/elite”). Am rediscovering ancestral roots and wisdom (mostly Scots-Irish, northern UK/Scots, and mystery – an orphaned grandmother, who I most resemble!) – don’t connect w/northern Euro/Scandi (those UK memories of invasion?!) but the point is we do have roots, and may need wisdom from those sources to face this time, also more nature-based, hence less able to corrupt this wisdom/guidance if done properly. Knew abt White Rose, but not Steiner’s connection to it … thank you!

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    • You’re welcome, Cindy. Thanks for sharing some additional insights and personal bits. Yes, we do have roots, regardless of what they are, and in a world that tries so hard to uproot us and funnel us into the New Age Borg or the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s important to reclaim those roots and take up nourishment so that we can thrive.



  4. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:

    In this week of gathering tension in the US and elsewhere, this November 2015 post wants to go up again. If you’re feeling strongly yanked one way or the other, please do take moments to center yourself, and also please click through to some of the posts and resources mentioned in “Finding Our Way.”

    I especially want to alert new readers and remind those who’ve read here over the years that the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 remains in effect. (You can find a link in my post, and I will also link again in the comments. This is so important to know at this time. All is not as it appears.) Those who wish to stay in control spin both sides of every divisive narrative, every divisive issue, and every divisive religious war. They profit from wars of all sorts, and by keeping us fighting each other, they successfully utilize smoke and mirrors to herd us into ever tighter restrictions. Those who most love progressive values would be wise to engage those who most resist those values. Let each side exchange information, not to become the same, but to find who’s best at which things, so that together, we can breathe.

    I know many people plan to disrupt the Inauguration with protests, riots, even with calls for assassination. I ask people to pause and return to your own center. Where do your actions lead? Is “Civil” war really an answer? Is it the one you most desire? Can we each channel our energy into actions that lead in the directions we most desire? Can we each take one step this week TOWARDS something we prefer rather than railing against things over which we have little influence? Our strongest influence springs from LOVE. What would you love to expand in your life and in this world? What tiny (or large) action can you take this week to increase the odds of El Mundo Bueno expanding its reach?



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    Sharing this thoughtful and timely blog post from Laura Bruno. I had made a comment earlier today on a post I had shared about all this that will be March and/or protesting. My sense is that of course they should if they feel guided to do so yet at the same time make sure that it is aporiached in a peaceful way, and if they feel it is turning anything other than peaceful make sure to extricate themselves for their own safety. My sense there are those who will turn the slightest of any inclination into something that it was not intended to be. Be safe!! That’s coming across strong to me.

    I personally embrace more of what Laura has shared here. It’s good stuff 💜

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  7. Thank you, Dawn! Yes, be safe comes across strong for me, as well as, be present. Remain centered. Much love…



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