Three TPP Videos

If you don’t yet know why TPP is one of, if not the, biggest challenge(s) we currently face, please educate yourself and others:

Once you’ve educated yourself, please take action. Call Congress. Sign online petitions. Mention TPP in public conversations. Pick an angle the TPP affects (pretty much every area of life) and use that angle to educate people in a way they’ll care about.

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    Educate yourself and others about TPP. The ramifications if passed are like nothing we have seen or lived with before.


  2. Posted by CindyW on November 19, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    again – thanks, Laura! the best video to my mind was Lori Wallach on Democracy Now who is a veteran of free trade agmt fights, ever since NAFTA. Had forgotten that MSF was against this TPP (Drs w/o Borders) – their video was excellent – I know a surgeon’s wife I will be SURE to tell about this patenting of surgical procedures! Doctors HATE that kind of interference in their decision-making. Plus Wallach gives tips on what to do. Before the ACA/Obamacare passed, I used to like to look at the website for, which shows corporate interrelationships (how I learned that Anthem WellPoint wrote the ACA). At the top, there are all kinds of incestuous relationships – for example, I’d wonder who World Wildlife Fund’s public relations firm is – I bet it’s the same as the major corporations pro-TPP. also – I used to donate to organizations that were fighting the agmts I didn’t support – not just write letters.

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