Permaculture’s Ethic of Self Care as a Spiritual Practice

I’ve been meaning to repost this one for awhile now. I so agree with all of these observations and suggestions. For me, self-care has also involved building local community and celebrating Wheel of the Year turns with others. Thank you, Dana, for sharing your Wisdom, gentle spirit, and also your beautiful artwork with us, too!

The Druid's Garden

Permaculture Stars - Painting done on Lughnassadh, 2015 after returning from my PDC! Permaculture Stars – Painting done on Lughnassadh, 2015 after returning from my PDC!

I’ve already talked on this blog some time ago about the three permaculture ethical principles–these are simple ethical principles that allow us to live life in a way that is fair, equitable, and sustaining to all life. I use these ethical principles as “mantras” to live by and they are deeply woven into my druid practice.  I have them hanging in my house, as small reminders, each day.  As a review, the principles are people care (caring for others of our own species); earth care (caring or all life) and fair share (ensuring that you only take your fair share and that all life has theirs too). Today, I want to talk about the fourth ethical principle–self care and show how principles from druid practice can help us engage in better self care.  I do so…

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  1. “Take quiet moments with plants.” Ahh, yes! I would add “Enjoy interaction with beloved anmal companions. And strangers animal companions, too! Note how some dogs and cats simply BEAM and glow with happiness when you give them your attention. Let their attentions to you make “you” beam, too.

    “Create and engage in the Bardic arts.” Whatever you enjoy as a creative activity, DO IT. Whatever you have always wanted to learn how to do , give it a go! The creative process itself is satisfying, you needn’t tie your satisfaction to the final product.

    We were meant to create. Not all in the same ways, but the creative process brings such deep peace and satisfaction. The cares of our workaday world drop away and we vividly experience the present moment and the rhythm and flow of our creative process. Our inner essence and spark is refreshed by engaging in the creative process. Whatever it may be.

    Thank you for this post.

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  2. Oops! Just saw this comment. You’re welcome, and yes, animal companions bring much joy and love!



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