Fear or Flowers? Love in the Time of Transmutation

Time for this one to go up again. I just received an email that may represent more than just Michael’s feelings right now: “ISIS, are we kidding? … And ‘the POPE’ declares WW III ? W T F ? I am getting more and more confused and lost and was hoping you might be able to suggest something for me to do or read or create or hope for or I don’t know … I am Michael, nice to meet you.”

Please read the reblogged post from March 2014, especially watching the video that shows humanity AS IT COULD BE. Know that WE have the power to direct our own narratives. The tragic theater in Paris is still theater. What part do you intend to play in this world? Because you do have agency.

And don’t forget about the TPP. This Paris drama provides perfect cover for Congress and other governments to sneak this into law. May their phones ring off the hook; may their email servers get so many “Vote NO on TPP” messages that they finally realize that WE know. WE know, and we will hold them accountable. TPP is treason. In this time of chaos, exert your own preferred order, not the psychopaths’.

“Magic is nothing more and nothing less than imagination superseding this universe. Magic occurs when imagination takes this reality for a ride.” ~ Jon Rappoport

May the Force be with you!

Blessed Be … and be the blessing

Laura Bruno's Blog

Pick a headline, any headline: WW3, worldwide famine, corporations poisoning all waters, Civil War, global financial collapse, global warming, global Ice Age, “mutually assured destruction” … you name it, we’ve got it. The question is, what do we intend to do with it?

I recently posted at the end of a gardening article: I truly believe all the challenges facing our world today offer opportunities to return to our Divine connection, spiritual tools and natural abilities. Faery tales — great repositories of truth — describe so many situations in which people with pure hearts receive even the most impossible gifts. People say with scorn, “Oh, that’s just a fairy tale, a myth,” in order to dismiss something as ridiculous. I could not disagree more. Our weakness, disconnection and “need” to struggle are the biggest lies ever told. Faery tales, folklore, ballads, and myths — real ones, not Disney — give…

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  1. I reblogged this on my blog as well as facebook. This post speaks to not only my heart but no doubt many others.

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  2. Posted by mlee800tw on November 15, 2015 at 4:18 am

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  3. Crack, A.I.D.S, fear, death, destruction, ad infinitum. Wait. TV goes off, newspaper goes in the garbage. My internet homepage is blissfully set to a white screen. I take a deep breath. I look outside, Bambi walks across my lawn. Where is all this shit happening! In my present awareness I see only love and gratitude.

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    • So true, Leeby Geeby. We were so grateful for the contrasting lovely, lovely weekend here, and also deeply grateful for all the energy and in some cases poop — both literal in my case w/ manure and figurative in his case with various tasks — we’ve moved to get into our current space of abundance and grace. Many blessings

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  4. Important reminders, Laura, and a very understandable and honest statement from Michael – it can easily feel overwhelming and confusing and just plain coo-coo at times (or much of the time). With the Saturn-Neptune square in play, this may well be a paradox heightened in the coming year or so. So yes, get’cher magic on and choose which story to feed at least most of the time. Thanks for being one who feeds the life-affirming magical reality. xo Love, Jamie

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  5. Posted by sky on November 15, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Flowers are portals. Portals to beauty. Portals to connection with the world as it could be — and is in “El Mundo Bueno”. Each flower has its own geometrical design. The beauty of flowers just make your spirit and soul go “ahhhhh”. And transport you to EL Mundo Bueno for as long as you allow yourself to drink their beauty in. This is why so many people love flowers so much. El Mundo Bueno. The world as it could be. The perfect counterpoint to recent events.

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