El Mundo Bueno

This one needs to go up, too. El Mundo Bueno or El Mundo Malo: you decide. Get your magic on and help your preferred reality to become Real! ❤

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In Starhawk’s novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, two vastly different worlds vie for control. In mundane terms: a utopian, earth-loving, community-oriented, individual honoring society that values freedom and the sacred fights for survival against corporate fascism, religious, financial, and soul oppression, hypocrisy, and the Police State — a culture’s unprocessed Shadow Side made manifest.

In magical realist terms:

“Doña Elena used to say that there was the Good Reality, El Mundo Bueno, literally the Good World, and the Bad Reality, El Mundo Malo, and they were always vying with each other. In the Good Reality you have a mild headache; in the Bad Reality you have a fatal brain disease. In the Good Reality, you catch hold of the rail as your foot slips; in the Bad Reality, you miss, slide down the stairs, and break your neck.

“We walk in the Good Reality as if we…

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  1. Posted by Kieron on November 15, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    Good to revisit! Echoing the bird theme of the original post’s comment section: yesterday I spotted two very large birds circling low over the neighborhood. They got so close that I could easily see one was a golden eagle, and the other quite possibly a bald eagle but it moved too fast for me to be sure. I was unable to tell if they were hunting, chasing, playing or what, but I’ve *never* seen a golden eagle in the city.

    And then today to my complete crogglement, I spotted a patch of white bearded irises blooming on a sunny boulevard–in November!–and took a picture because no one will believe me. Alpine strawberries are also flowering in my back yard.

    Interesting times.

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    • Very interesting, Kieron! I do know there are twice blooming irises, because, ahem, I did quite a bit of bulb research this year, LOL! But if they are not actually twice bloomers but bloomed twice, that’s extra interesting. My alpine strawberries have blooms now, too. 🙂 Interesting times for sure with the eagles!



  2. […] Multiple realities exist. I see this with clients, and I write about it a lot. Whether I call it El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Malo, timeline jumps or alternate realities, I refer to the opportunities presented by “being in […]



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