Free Replays of the Search for Sustainability Summit — All Weekend Long

I received a note from Nathan Crane this morning indicating that due to popular demand, the Search for Sustainability Summit will have all episodes available for free viewing this weekend. If you missed any or didn’t have time during the week to utilize this incredible resource, now’s your chance. 🙂 From Nathan Crane:

After receiving dozens of emails asking for access to watch all of the episodes one last time, we decided to offer this weekend as one final triumph of sustainable glory before we close out the series.

Here is your link to watch all episodes this weekend until Sunday at midnight before they will be taken down indefinitely.

We have to take them down so we can finalize all remaining orders of the series on Tuesday and get ready to print and ship DVDs in time for the Holidays. 
(In case the link above does not work simply copy and paste this link into your web browser)
Here’s all of the episodes playing this weekend: 

Episode 1: Searching for Sustainable Solutions

Episode 2: Sustainable Food, Water, and Soil

Episode 3: Sustainable Health

Episode 4: Sustainable Education, Children, Families, and Parenting

Episode 5: Social Sustainability – Community Systems and Communal Living

Episode 6: Sustainable Medicine – Herbal Medics, Foraging, and Wild Edibles

Episode 7: Creative Sustainability through Art, Music, and Media

Episode 8: Urban, Suburban, and Rural Sustainability

Episode 9: Sustainable Energy, Buildings, Resources, and Systems

Episode 10: Sustainable Business, Economics, Finances, and Politics

Episode 11: Sustainable Spirituality – Plant, People, and Animal Reverence

Episode 12: Sustainability in Action – Where to Go from Here

Episode 13: (Bonus) Closing Message and Performance with Peia

Thank you for being a part of our community.  We truly honor and respect and appreciate every single one of you.
To a Sustainable Future,
Nathan, Luz, Luna, and Osha


Due to popular demand, we have made the entire series and all 49 interviews available for ownership at 40%-off until Monday at midnight. 

Your contribution goes a long ways towards supporting this mission and movement to continue forward. 
Additionally, if you know which option you already want, here are the direct links:

Thank you for sharing this with your closest friends and family. Together we truly can make a positive difference for the future of humanity and the beauty of our planet.

Disclaimer; This is for informational purposes only. I am not a Doctor or financial adviser.  Use the information you receive at your own risk, with your own intelligence, and your own mindfulness consulting the Doctors experts in your life who you trust.  Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to watch these while they were up. I’m way behind on my blogroll.



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