Comment Bump Up + Extra Links from Volunteer Communities vs. Collectivist Tyranny

Comments bumped up from this earlier post . For easier readability, I have added some paragraphs to my own comments, plus links to supporting details I referenced in my replies.

Posted by Winged Witch on November 12, 2015 at 3:59 pm

Awesome Laura. I particularly like your piece at the end. Right on. I have often wondered about the human attraction to ‘crazy’ leaders throughout history and around the world. I have wondered about people who ‘must’ remain in politics and will do or say anything to do so as opposed to serving for a time and going back to real life. The people inclined to follow have certainly not developed the needed self-reliance and self-referral skills necessary to escape programmed group think. Keep your great post coming.

Posted by laurabruno on November 12, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Thanks, Zhenna. Yes, it’s almost like these psychopaths know that they could never integrate into normal society and so they simply “must” rule. I keep hoping people wake up and step into their power. Even among the quasi-awake, it’s quite appalling how strongly the brainwashing holds. I was at a Naomi Klein film last night, and the laughter occurred on cue, exactly at the same times, whenever anyone in the film suggested that perhaps the green movement had been infiltrated by Marxist collectivists. No one seemed to notice how creepy it was that they all did everything in sync, completely unable to look in a critical way at possible blindspots.

After the film, in a group of 60+ “informed” attendees, I mentioned the TPP and how we need to ensure a “no” during fast track vote. Only one person there besides David seemed to have any idea what I was talking about. Kool-Aid is a mighty strong drink. At least I got to give my little speech to 60+ people, but who knows what if anything any of them will do with it. The discouraging part is that these are the “awake” people in this area — the ones who don’t purposely rig their trucks to spew out EXTRA dark smoke just to say F-U to Mama Earth. The don’t understand that by refusing to look at the possibility of co-optation and manipulation, they’ve set themselves as diametrically opposed to those who could actually add muscle to their movement.

[For deep background, please read this earlier post: Yuri Bezmenov: Sleepers Emerge and Messiah Appears I still double dog dare anyone who doubts the Communist co-optation of the environmental movement to click on this link and read all the signs.]

And meanwhile, everyone seems to think Bernie Sanders will save the day when he’s all for 100% Executive order, blanket immunity for illegal immigrants with not so much as even a background check. I mention what’s happening in Europe, and the eyes glaze over, right on cue. It’s like a spell. Time to find the one that breaks it. 🙂

Posted by Winged Witch on November 12, 2015 at 7:23 pm

NO kidding Laura! I see it all the time. The MSM has done a dandy job of not reporting ‘news’. The way I see it and I have put months and often 6 hrs. per day into checking backgrounds, voting records, what they have said and done when they hope we are not looking. So far Trump is the only one telling the truth in either party. And since the two headed party, both sides/names, hate him, that is a very good sign. At this point, I see him as our last hope because he actually really does love the U.S. He is not a perfect savior (not looking for one) and not an eloquent speaker for sure, but the truth is there in what he says. The TPP set of trade deals is sovereignty destroying for the U.S. and right now the U.S. middle class and our constitution are the only things standing in the way of the New World Order, one government, serfs and elites, nowhere to run. Both are under relentless attack. Once the NWO takes out the U.S., it will be a piece of cake to run over the rest of the world. I just don’t get why people don’t see this. Enslavement is coming their way soon. I swear if the mall is open and there is toilet paper on the shelves in the supermarket, all is well or so most people think. Humans are suicidal.

Posted by laurabruno on November 12, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Yes, they truly are suicidal. I watched a video, which I’ll see if I can find, of a camera inside a migrant train to Germany, recording all the Allah Akbar chants and we will conquer you chants, juxtaposed with the Germans singing like Whoville on the train stations waiting to welcome them. Even now, there’s this blind panic as the socialist utopia not only doesn’t hold water but is turning into complete living hell and slavery right before their eyes. They’re so brainwashed, though, that they cannot even see it. I have some older posts I may need to resurrect.

[Here is one of several such videos I’ve seen. Here’s another, with an Arabic speaking Ukranian woman translating and describing her recent experience on a train in Europe. And yet another of the migrant crisis video footage not shown on mainstream media. If anyone thinks this has nothing to do with your own country, then it’s up to you to make it so lest your country becomes another Sweden in which Muslim men, who account for 2% of the population account for over 77% of rapes. Sweden also now has 55 official no-go zones in which police cannot enter, leaving these areas in total control of Muslim gangs. No, it’s not PC, and it doesn’t taste like cotton candy. If people don’t want it happening in their own country or their own small town — like the German town of 100 expected to house 750 immigrants — then it’s time to wake up and get clear on your own actual desires and preferences, not the ones the mainstream everything tells you you’re supposed to have.

As Syrian Girl so eloquently explained in this video I previously posted, there are certainly some real, true Syrian refugees. Certainly, there is a place for compassion and action. But all is not what it appears, and a huge portion of the supposedly Syrian refugees are third-world African Muslims who teach that any woman not wearing a burka deserves to be raped and that all infidels deserve to be killed. In addition to rape and violence against women, fundamentalist Islam also okay’s child brides and clitoral mutilation. The no-go zones mentioned above are areas in which Sharia Law has replaced the law of the land. I’m just calling for people to do their own research before inviting, demanding and welcoming their own destruction. A vampire must be invited across the threshold; the elites require consent, including manufactured consent through Problem (that they caused)- Reaction (that they provoked) -Solution (that they’ve orchestrated from the start). Know what reality you wish to create. Know which ingredients are mutually exclusive with that reality, and select accordingly. ]

My main concern about Trump is that if he gets rid of all the illegals too quickly, it will completely crash the US food supply, which currently runs on slave or near slave labor provided by illegal immigrants. Without girding up the food supply in a MAJOR way, his policy could step the US right into the chaos the psycho’s thrive upon. I would feel better about Trump if a) he weren’t such a sexist and b) if in speaking of illegal immigration, he were already encouraging his supporters to create victory gardens now. It takes time to rebuild a food system, and the US is nowhere near that. Nowhere. Most states are importing and exporting 90+% of their foods, and the stores are 3 days away from empty shelves. You cannot build a self-sufficient community in 3 days. In a year, though? It would at least be a start. I don’t hear Trump encouraging that kind of self-sufficiency.

I have also heard him say that Snowden and Manning were traitors and deserved full prosecution as such. He likes the NSA. I have issues with all of those aspects of Trump, and I’ve not seen sufficient remedies in progress. I think he’s sincere and has some good ideas, but without planning and implementation already now … a Trump presidency could accomplish the elite’s desired ends through the back door.

[For a more detailed discussion of this, please see my earlier post, “Food Security and the 2016 Election.” ]

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  1. I am not so sure it will collapse our food chain. Eisenhower did it and U.S. citizens filled the farm jobs. Cesar Chavez also wanted the illegal aliens out of the U.S. as they depressed working conditions and wages for legal farm workers. Most illegal aliens are not in the fields now. Living 65 miles north of the NM/Mexico border, I see what is actually coming across the border. A high percentage are pregnant women producing anchor babies to get on the welfare roles. Remember when AZ cracked down on illegal aliens, they had to open up special lanes just for those going back to Mexico. They self-deported. There were long lines waiting to cross back into Mexico. None of it had a noticeable negative impact on AZ agriculture in the end. Whenever there is a business raid on illegal aliens in AZ, the jobs are filled with legal U.S. citizens within 24 hrs. We are getting killed by our trade deals and I believe that almost has to be addressed immediately. Is Trump perfect, no, but I don’t see any options right now. Tons of good facts on NumbersUSA. Right now the U.S. is working to bring in 100,000 Syrians this year and the FBI has already said they have no way to vet them. Border ‘walls’ are going up all over Europe. Germany is probably already doomed. Sweden is starting to take a hard look at their immigration policies although it might be too late. We can house and care for 5 Syrians in safe zones in their own area for the price it will cost the U.S. to care for one if we bring them in. I think Trump will take a long hard look at NSA. Most of his supporters are not in favor it what is going on with NSA. I disagree with him on Snowden and Manning, but you will never find anyone in government that will support any form of “leaks”. So bottom line for me, is we need to make some real progress fast in the above areas not to mention the world is full of bad dudes and we can’t put another weak man/woman (Sanders, Carson, Hillary. . . ) or donor shill (Bush, Rubio, Carly, Hillary. . .) in office. The U.S. is about to implode.

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    • Well, I really hope you’re right. The biggest food security effects would be in Florida and California, and I highly doubt that Americans would willingly pick tomatoes for one or two pennies per pound. If the food system hires legal workers at better rates, that would be good, but food prices will reflect that. I agree we need an extreme course correction, and pronto. It’s just that the US food system was far less broken during Eisenhower’s time or Chavez’s time than it has become, especially in the last 10 years. With all the Snap cards, just in time delivery, people hanging on by a shoestring right now, even improvements in that sector need some strong buttressing at the local level already in place.

      All I’m saying is that if not done with a LOT of forethought and immediate planning, the transition could be extremely messy, since we are already in a position of major food insecurity even without deporting illegal farm workers.

      I’m far less concerned about the immigration policy for Mexican farm workers than for the holes it allows like you mentioned with the “we won’t vet them” 100,000 “Syrians.” I’ve heard that Obama has refused asylum to any Christian Syrians, too, so they are purposely only taking Muslims into a still predominantly Christian-ish society. Syrian Girl in her video mentions how most actual Syrian refugees want to return to their own country. They are not the ones demanding money, money, money and throwing food and water away, throwing poop at buses. Many of them are fleeing the same kinds of radicalized Muslims they’re now being exponentially housed with in refugee camps.

      We’re at the classic Problem-Reaction-Solution stage. I do hope Trump starts encouraging his supporters ***now*** to start preparing their communities for change. It shouldn’t all be about how the new government will save people, because we don’t know how that will play out. If he truly wants to help Americans, then as part of his campaign, he needs to start addressing food security and telling people what they can do right now to minimize the chaos from whatever direction. People do horrid things they’d never consider doing otherwise when their children are starving. Our food system has become so precarious even in the past few years that I dearly wish someone was talking about Victory Gardens from the podium. Since no one is, I add my own two cents. I’m not anti-Trump. He might be our best shot in the wind, but that being said, we need to be girding up our communities with food and water sufficiency, because no one else is. If Obama pulls some kind of false flag to cancel the 2016 election, we’ll need that even more. If Trump gets in, we’ll need it. Goddess help us if Killary gets in!

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  2. Believe it or not, I actually agree with what you are saying. We have horrific issues we are facing. No easy solutions. However, people have been warned and warned and warned about the instability of our food chain. The answer I get is that they can’t worry about it, if it happens it happens, they will worry about it then. No kidding. I hear that from just about everyone and people who are otherwise pretty intelligent. There is nothing I can do about how unprepared and unaware people are. Right now I am working on my community and that is all I can do. Most people in this remote area are prepper types to some degree, not radical, but into off grid self-sufficiently. It will only go so far, but anything will help. At some point you just have to save yourself.

    Even when my cousin lived with me for 3 years during the crash, she only helped with the raised beds once. She wouldn’t even save veggie scraps for the hens. It is hard to feel sorry for people with no foresight. She is in an apartment in Salt Lake City now.

    The video you gave a link for was excellent and I have sent it on. If I saw any option to Trump, I would be willing to take it, but I simply do not. At lease he is solid on a number of fronts, has exposed a number of worrisome issues, and can shake things up.

    I am sure living so close to the border has given me a different view of the illegal invasion than other people may have experienced. Even my cousin said after living here for a couple of months “it is like we are being invaded as a country.” No kidding. She left a changed person regarding illegal aliens.

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    • “It is hard to feel sorry for people with no foresight.” Yep, but I prefer not to have that all unfold around me either. Goshen is a Transition Town, and even though Transition Movement has some connection with the Fabian Society, I generally like the types of people it attracts — more into doing than theory. I wish they were a LOT more into doing than theorizing about doing, but at least they’re doing things like building outdoor ovens, engaging community, attempting to bridge racial gaps, creating networks that even if not currently optimized will at least exist when the bottom drops out. This area has had the bottom drop out before, so we are more prepared than most communities. Plus, we are surrounded by Amish people and hunters.

      As you know, I lived in AZ and NM, and so yes, I share your perspective on the illegal immigration. Sky high insurance rates because hardly anyone’s insured. Illegals get zero punishment for hit and run’s whereas a citizen would go to jail, have their license revoked and have even sky higher insurance if they ever got to drive again. The whole manana culture of some parts of New Mexico also made it obvious why that remains one of, if not the poorest state(s) in the country. Beautiful land, but it already felt like an invasion ten years ago. Of course, when you go back far enough, it as the US that invaded Mexico, so it depends on perspective. I know there’s a movement to take it back, and that’s particularly getting radicalized in California.

      But yeah, ultimately, save yourself. Do what you can in your community. I don’t know that humanity is ready for the responsibility that goes with actual freedom. Little pockets of people are, but most really couldn’t care any less. I just try to live by example, go as intuition leads and hope for the best — creating community and beauty as we go along. I know you’re much the same! 🙂

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    • LOL, quite the public dialogue! Thanks for all your insights and sharing. I hope this conversation reaches out to some people. 🙂

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  3. Posted by Kieron on November 13, 2015 at 4:39 am

    As an amateur astrologer, I can see some of the Age of Aquarius already filtering in. Aquarius, as I have said before, *is* the collective. Leo, its opposite in the Zodiac, is about individuality. I am greatly simplifying, of course. Both have their shadow sides. Regrettably, the shadow side usually gets indulged in first, before the more positive qualities and more noble aspects of a given sign are expressed. It’s like we have to play with the flame before we develop a healthy respect for fire. 😦

    ” I don’t know that humanity is ready for the responsibility that goes with actual freedom.” Some thoughts that come to mind is that we seem to have a vast number of “entry level” souls on this planet who have lived few (or any) previous lives here, and so they’re engaged in base behaviors that are essentially the same as a baby bird crapping in its nest and then wondering why it’s so unpleasant in here. Another theory I have heard is that just as third-world countries are shipping their undesirables to the US and Europe to deal with and snickering at the success of their ploys, Planet Earth is the recipient of the dregs of offworld civilizations. Maybe. Who knows. *shrug* But it does feel like an invasion, on all fronts!

    And I keep finding myself faced with folks I would logically most associate with or be identified with, but who are blind to the things we are discussing here and won’t listen. At the same time, I am faced with people who *can* see some of these issues but who are so religion-crazed that they would be glad to see me burned at the stake–or worse–if they knew what I am. It’s surreal. Every day I think to myself, WTF?! why did I come back to this place? 😦

    Thanks for the link to “Who cannot hex” because it was something I needed to see. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Kieron, you raise some good points and reminders. I do so much fertility work for people and yes, the souls here and especially those coming in appear to be of three very different types — quite young ones, those on an integration lifetime, or very old souls from somewhere else who know what they want and will insist on the right circumstances in order to birth that new world into being. I can tell I’m going to need to write a little piece on Aquarius, because there are some really wonderful qualities of Aquarius, too. It’s just that when humanity’s not careful at the turn of an age, things can go far awry for much of the age — look what happened to Pisces! We’ve certainly got the addictions and illusions parts covered, but the increased spirituality available seems to have been highly co-opted from the get go. With Aquarius, we’ve got technology, the group, the mind, and weirdness … the very things that seem like the biggest threats to freedom — and the continuation of the human species– at the moment. Aquarius likes freedom, though…I’d just love to live in a world without everything getting swallowed by the New Age Borg.

      And, yeah, the daily WTF’s are quite present here. LOL, you should see the mail I get. I think the only time these groups spend any time together is in my mailbox!



  4. What I am happy about is that at least some people are thinking. This year we have a huge range of candidates to pick from not just the usual RNC and DNC pre-chosen NWO establishment ones. They have kept most of the issues under the rug, not this year. We are getting a lot more issues brought to the front. We each can do what we can locally.

    Kieron has a very interesting post. I do not follow astrology like I should. I have a friend who is very involved and I depend on her. I have another friend who says she is sure the earth is a penal colony for the universe. I am starting to think she could be correct.

    No matter who we put in office, they will disappoint, fail us in some ways, – no saviors available. But at least this year we are having real discussions. Illegal and legal immigration numbers, world banking system, disappearing middle class, bad trade deals. . . From there we pick the issues closest to home and roll the dice..

    I agree about NM. Even after living in AZ for over 10 years and growing up in MT, NM is a cultural shock. For me one issue with unlimited 3rd world immigration is how animals are treated, (and women). We have worked long and hard to bring animal issues to the front in the U.S., we still have a long way to go.

    Not to mention, a burka is just not going to work for me.

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    • I agree, Zhenna! It’s refreshing that real issues and numbers are being discussed. You are right, too, about the animals — and the women. Women are often treated as animals, and the animals are not treated well. I’ve tried to imagine myself in a burka and just can’t do it, although I did read a lovely, poignant book called “Grandmother’s Secrets” that described the burka in a new light. Should that ever come to pass here, I would need to look at it from the author’s perspective as a belly dancer who grew up in a rich female only society of Iraq. Well, there were men, too, but the total non-integration of the cultures did some surprising things for the women. I’d need to look at it for the secret and empowered aspects rather than from the shame or submissive ones.

      I used to feel Earth was a penal colony — could not wait to get out of here. Then I finished my contract on 12/21/12 and was given an option to leave. Knowing that I can leave makes me grateful to be here. Such a creative space … plus, I’ve been on this planet way longer than any other. It’s “home” now, though perhaps not the human dimension of it. If the Faery Realm continues to merge in parts with the human realm, though, life could be pretty amazing here. 🙂 And healed.



  5. Posted by Lize on November 13, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    Laura thank you for these posts and for being brave enough to say these things. IMO the best thing to do with these issues is send a healing or whatever kind of working one chooses to do, then take some kind of action. For me that action is usually voicing my complaints to elected officials and I have started using the words “I do not consent” much more often. The people who don’t want to hear anything might still care about food safety, and even if they don’t really care, they still probably know somebody who was really sick, then started eating organic foods and got better. Even getting these people to think a little more helps. And we have to keep our focus on where we *are* seeing the changes happen. I can speak plainly to anyone about chemtrails and get them to agree that grids aren’t what clouds are supposed to look like.

    “Muslim men, who account for 2% of the population account for over 77% of rapes.” That is total insanity and we can’t allow that kind insanity here. Illegal immigrants are already held above the law just by their being here, then by receiving taxpayer benefits such as their kids going to public schools, social services money, etc., and not having to pay for any other crimes as a legal citizen or resident would have to with fines or jail time. And our politicians, national level anyway, won’t do anything to get them to leave. For years I’ve followed the illegal immigration issue and Numbers USA is an excellent resource for staying informed and reminders with ready-to-send faxes to get in touch with congress critters.



    • Thank you, Lize! Yes, sending a healing, working AND taking action … all three are so important. Thanks for the reminders and encouragement, and for what you’re already doing.



  6. One last thought Laura. I believe that many, if not most, of the field workers are here legally on farm work visas. Trump is not going after those people. There should be plenty of time for the remaining farms to legally apply for work visas. He would take office in the off-season anyway. He is starting deportation with the criminals. Trump met with renewal energy people yesterday and that made me very happy. He stated that he wants China to improve their environmental standards as part of any trade deals with them.

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  7. Posted by Kieron on November 14, 2015 at 12:28 am

    Oh to be sure, Aquarius has fantastic qualities, and Leos can be self-centered, entitled snobs that hog the spotlight long after a hook-and-crook should have yanked them off stage! I personally know and love many Sun sign Aquarius folk, and have the sign occupying my Midheaven. 🙂 I would add, too, that the US is *generally* agreed to be a Sun in Cancer country, and the immigration over the centuries bears out the welcoming, nurturing quality of Cancer, but the imperialistic tendencies of our Shadow are, ironically, bringing to us these same people today as refugees, asylum-seekers, etc.whose homes we have destroyed or destabilized. (Although I am unsure of this astrological configuration figures into Europe’s refugee misery). And let’s not forget our military bases worldwide, metastasizing like, er, cancer cells…



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