Immediate openings for Poetic Justice of the Peace Officers. No formal education required. Expert in Wyrd, Excellence, and Points of Power. Must have keen sense of humor. Seeking wide range of applicants to reverse “too big to fail/too big to jail.”  Ideal candidate skilled at extracting useful idiots from psychopaths. Expense acct and global perks: serve glyphosate cocktails to Monsanto execs; relocate refugees to politician/bankster neighborhoods/underground bunkers; provide pharmaceutical employees, execs & vaccine-pushing politicians, pastors, employers and school administrators the full course of recommended/experimental adult vaccines per NAIP expanded schedule. Extra mercury and aluminum avail upon request. Must honor Mother Earth and Her children. Must provide opportunities for creative restitution. Pay based upon results. Bonus for matching interested parties with joyful life’s work. No phone references. Apply by demonstrating Poetic Justice in action.

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  1. Posted by Kat on November 10, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Let’s add “Provide SHOCK THERAPY for rehabilitation, using free energy technology, of course”. (Please let me decide the voltage)….Kat

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  2. Ha ha. Good one. Very well written!

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  3. Hehe, thanks!

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  4. Yes, we could add many more to this list. 🙂 I’m copying in a reply I wrote to Sky’s comment on a different post about vaccine consequences and parents standing up for their rights:

    You’re welcome, Sky, and yes, you raise some very interesting points and questions. At the very least, creating chronically ill people is quite the boon for pharmaceutical industries who enjoy immunity from prosecution for causing the illnesses they then get to “fix” for very high fees, of course. I don’t actually think the depopulation plans of certain groups are just rumors. Many of them like psychopath Bill Gates have come right out and said it. Again, if these people feel so strongly about depopulation, I invite them to step right up and lead by example. Good riddance! Ditto those in such favor of transhumanism and virtual reality. I invite them to go down into their little hidey holes and live infinitely long lives of simulated reality. If they truly believe they’re better than Nature, then great, go live in a synthetic, sealed from the outside, environment and leave the rest of us alone. 🙂


  5. Good one, Laura. Very amusing. I enjoyed the comments and comment replies, too. Good riddance indeed! And here’s to living the medicine, too. xo Jamie

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  6. Thanks, Jamie. To living the medicine! xo


  7. You’re welcome!

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