Heads Up, Florida Residents ~ Health Freedom Action Needed Today

It’s not just California and Connecticut that have gone cuckoo for vaccines. A new Florida bill (SB646) threatens both medical and religious exemptions from the toxic jabs, in addition to forcing government tracking of medical records. If you live in Florida, please click here for more info on what needs action today.

“This terrible bill has just been filed and it significantly restricts medical and religious vaccine exemptions, it expands and forces participation in a vaccine tracking system, and it requires public posting of vaccination exemption rates for individual schools.”
Even if you don’t live in Florida, GreenMed Info offers some excellent resources for talking with vaccine Kool-Aid drinkers. If you yourself don’t know what the big deal is regarding the right to refuse a forcible injection of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and genetically modified DNA into your own or your child’s body, please educate yourself:

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    Inform yourself. Don’t be brainwashed into accepting vaccines for you and your family because it’s “good for you”. Do the home work and research first. I would love to see this forced vaccine craze halted in its tracks.

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