The Search for Sustainability Summit

For those people who recognize that humanity and each of us as individuals need to change our ways and soon, this new “Search for Sustainability Summit” offers personal steps, tools, and techniques for shifting away from planetary crisis and towards harmony and increased self-reliance.

Unlike top-down “solutions” forced on us via carbon taxes, SMART regulated everything, and nonstop surveillance, this series of talks from November 1-12 shares how true sustainability comes through tuning into and working with Nature, not allowing ourselves to become further isolated from our land, food, air, and water by cramming us into mega-cities and adding even more computerized algorithms to our already AI dominated lives. Things like permaculture, green-living and self-reliance help us to get back in touch with cultures that recognized their own part in the cycles of life and that looked towards the future by nourishing the present and honoring the past.

Rather than completing the communist and fascist top-down tyranny creeping into our lives in the name of “sustainability” initiatives funded by Monsanto and Big Banks, the ideas, information and inspiration in this summit encourage individuals to remember and develop their own skills and capacities to change in positive, productive ways. If you’ve felt discouraged by my various posts on the BS of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the co-optation of the word “sustainable,” you’ve got 12 days of encouragement and education to remedy that disappointment.

I’m not involved in this summit, nor an affiliate — just spreading the word, because there are some fabulous speakers, movers and shakers participating. If you live on and love our planet, or if you want to blast beyond the current insanity that passes “for the common good,” into territory that instead makes corporate and governmental tyranny irrelevant, then do check out The Search for Sustainability Summit. (Trailer and free registration available at that link.)

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    Just a reminder of this tremendous resource, free through November 12. Episode 2 is still up, with Episode 3 coming out tonight. If you’ve ever wondered about how to build more sustainability and resilience into your own lifestyle, then this summit presents many angles of potential action and influence. Each episode seems to grow in depth of information, especially tailored to help beginners digest the overviews before getting into more specifics. On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed the information so far, although, sad to say, not the music! Individual tastes vary, so maybe you’ll like the music, which plays in the intro, as well as the background of some speakers. I find the information valuable enough but the musical overlays distracting enough that I just try to fast forward over the musical parts and listen to the parts that don’t have music. Again, some people might really appreciate the artistry, so please don’t let my personal aversion dissuade you from giving the series a try. I only mention this here in case you also find the music behind the voices a deterrent. Hang in there or fast forward, it doesn’t run through the entire episode!



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