This Deceit Is A Gift From Hell … World Deception Or World Freedom? [Part 1]

Thank you, Doreen! This post adds details and supporting evidence to Ann K’s post previously reblogged here. Please pay particular attention to Doreen’s information about required consent. Loving and caring for the Earth and Her People does not require you agree to globalist, elitist, UN, totalitarian, top down goals. Making a real difference requires removing consent from the offered “solutions” AND stepping up with real, tangible, 3D world actions that address these issues on a local, individual level. Many hands make light work. Just make sure you’re working toward what you REALLY want, not what someone tells you you’re supposed to want. Time to grow up, humanity.


Part 1This Deceit Is A Gift From Hell’ fact based Blog Series, reveals an overarchingcovert agenda by the master mind controlling Earth through the 1%, also known as the powers that be, globalists, elite, Illuminati, new world order, power brokers, one world government, central bankers, etc.

Just as 9/11 masked ‘deliberate’ erosion of human rights through Homeland Security [See Open Letter to Donald Trump in Part 2], and just as school shootings mask ‘disarmament’ world-wide to suppress resistance when ‘claw back’ of human rights is realized [See one world police force in Part 2], so it is that a grave threat to theglobalbiosphere, and all its diverse clones and variations like global climate change, UN Global Goals for sustainable development, UN Agenda 21 and 2030, global carbon control matrix, etc., are masks for full spectrum world dominance over all natural resources, atmosphere, and…

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