About that “New World Order”: Let us ask, CENTRALIZED OR DE-CENTRALIZED?

Thank you, Ann, for parsing the agendas, the manipulated innocence, the implications, and the workarounds. Local, local, local, yes!

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  1. Posted by Reba on October 27, 2015 at 2:42 am

    Hi Laura, on this same note, here’s an important must hear interview with
    Doyel Shamley, head of of Veritas Research to discuss the dawn of the TTP, TTIP, NAFTA and the battle between states and the federal government control of public lands in America today. Scarry stuff. We don’t own the land, and they control the water, mineral rights, etc. The way the want to move us into their controlled areas – starve us.


    Here’s Doyel’s website: http://veritasresearchconsulting.com/?m=201509

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  2. Thank you, Reba. I’ve not seen the video, but I’ve been very aware of this agenda and the implications. It’s why I’ve worked so hard trying to educate our strong local environmental group about co-optation. No one really believed me, so I ended up needing to do some magical protection, which I’m pleased to say has worked some “impossible” solutions. I’ll check out the links. Thanks much!


  3. Posted by Doreen Agostino on October 27, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Thanks for sharing so more people can connect the dots.

    I am writing a ‘fact’ based Blog series to reveal the master mind’s ultimate goal, how cleverly it is being marketed to elicit human consent, and how each of us risks losing it all, unless we pull together to engage reality and preserve our species.



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