Lawn Regeneration: Return to Nature’s Harvest Permaculture Farm

What a beautiful update, and I’m not surprised at all that Linda’s front yard farm grew so much food, built such community and provided so much healing on so many levels. I’ve seen first hand how these seeds begin to sprout in unexpected ways all over town. Thanks for continuing to share Linda’s inspiring example!

The Druid's Garden

Front yard view, mid September Front yard view, mid September 2015

As I’ve mentioned on this blog many times before–the spaces where we live and work each day are prime places to begin the regenerative work and rebuild our relationship sacred connection with nature. For many, the land nearest to us happens to be a lawn, one small part of the 40 million acres of lawn in the USA; currently the largest crop currently grown. And the lawn is a great place to start, for so many reasons.  Back in April, I wrote about Nature’s Harvest Permaculture Farm, a project of my dear friend Linda.  Linda is a woman with deep spiritual connections to the land, and she knew she had to make a radical change to turn the lawn of her newly purchased home into something more in line with her principles. In my initial post, I shared Linda’s work in taking the…

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  1. This is beautiful! Very inspirational, practical and such a great idea, all at the same time. Here in the UK so many people have front gardens that they never use, just keep tidy to impress the neighbours, which seems such a waste. Definitely some ideas here that I’ll take to my own garden.

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  2. […] The Druid’s Garden ~ Lawn Regeneration: Return to Nature’s Harvest Permaculture Farm […]



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