Bolen Report ~ What to Do Next … “No on SB277” Team Studies Options

If you live in California or another state trying to implement mandatory vaccination of adults and/or children, please take a look at this excellent resistance strategy and brainstorming shared by Tim Bolen of the Bolen Report.

If you’ve not seen his first companion piece, called “Strike Two…

Is There Anyone In Charge of California’s ‘No on SB277’ Campaign?

Nope…” you can read it by clicking here.

“California is the torch and the powder keg.” Please do what you can to maintain the right to vaccine exemptions and the sovereignty over our own bodies.

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    Options. I desire to have the freedom to choose what goes in my body. I especially am dismayed that the religious exemptions are being over ruled by this


  2. Yes! Taking away the religious exemption is like mandating what we believe. That’s hallowed ground, folks, as is my body.

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