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Jean Haines reposted an interesting Bradley Loves piece, some of which I agree with, and as usual, much of which I find too black or white and simplistic. IMHO, his discussion of frequency manipulation is right on, but his solutions quite limited and even prone to backfire. You can read the original piece by clicking the above link, but I am most interested in sharing here the following comment on Jean’s blog, along with my reply. In all of this, I keep thinking of the Faery Rule, “Respect, Not Control.”


I understand that Bradley means well, but when I get to the end, what messages come through? One: Ancient Knowledge makes the psychopaths very powerful. Two: Quit your job and find a new one, or you are part of the problem.
And I don’t agree with either of these assertions.
“Ancient Knowledge” consists mostly of various ways to make slaves. I don’t consider it very powerful because, for some reason, people continue to want to be free. This “freedom knowledge” also exists, but Bradley doesn’t talk much about it. With this knowledge you can learn to live ethically and possibly hold onto your job, until you reach a point where sustaining your own biology doesn’t take that much effort any more.
You are part of the problem if you are part of the problem, employed or unemployed, rich or poor. You are probably part of the problem to the extent that you are a willing, unknowing, slave. And again, the answer is what I might call freedom knowledge and the spiritual technology that goes with it.
I’d like to meet the person who has managed to think himself free. If you could do that, you probably would have done it already. If you can’t do that, you’re still here. That’s why there is new knowledge to be learned, and new technologies that go with it. We can continue to dream of freedom, but make no real reach for it. I think we should continue to dream while reaching for knowledge and technologies that can make those dreams come true.

Laura Bruno:

Yes! The type of Ancient knowledge the cabal, et. al. use is a perversion of Ancient Wisdom, and on top of that, newer techniques arise all the time for side stepping the control mechanisms. I, for one, am always pleased when I encounter someone awake and aware working from the inside to alter the system through their own energy frequency and interactions with those in obvious positions of power. Shifting the behemoth from the inside out has as much value as removing oneself from that system.

Also, while I agree that the ley lines have been used against humanity, there are natural energy currents in the Earth that run EVERYWHERE, not just along those co-opted lines. Instead of only focusing on the ley lines, which have been cabal controlled for a long time, there is incredible value and power in focusing on healing and empowering your little spot of land WHEREVER YOU ARE. By tuning into the Earth’s frequency and by healing and lifting each spot of the Land, we remove relative power from the ley lines and manipulation, while also creating and contributing something new and positive where we are.

The Earth’s field is changing independently of the cabal and of all the ley line workers focusing all their energy right back into the ley lines, which could easily be re-co-opted by the cabal. Why not align with where the Earth Herself prefers to go instead of trying to superimpose our will over the cabal’s will? Why not create beauty, harmony and new eco-systems that restore humans to sanity all over the place? The ley lines are still a control grid. Yes, better to have that control in more benevolent hands, but for true freedom, far better to restore true balance and harmony with the planet Herself.

I do agree with the importance and responsibility of people learning about magick, and no, not all of it is “evil.” Tools can heal and build or harm and destroy. It’s not just about neutralizing the “bad stuff.” It’s also about creating a new reality that’s so far out of frequency with the negative and so strong in and of itself that the negative dissolves. Reacting to the negative still holds it firmly in place. Awareness is important, but so is creating a replacement reality that the default masses can easily step into. Most people will not bother to learn esoteric wisdom, but preferred realities can offer the masses alternatives that remove consent for negative manipulations, simply because those control grids become irrelevant. Strengthening the ley lines, though well intentioned, imho, misses the boat and strengthens the cabal if done so at the expense of healing and aligning with the rest of the planet that does not happen to be on an old ley line. The planet’s field is shifting, magnetic and otherwise. Let Her lead!

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  1. Posted by Laura Bruno, in response to Bradley Loves: We can dissolve all control systems, including ley lines! | Exopermaculture on October 13, 2015 at 2:28 pm

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  2. Posted by mia feroleto on October 13, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    Thank you lecox and Laura, for your insightful responses. From my experience, Bradley gets some of it right but not all of it. I agree that much of what he writes is black or white which simply keeps the polarity shifting back and forth and keeps us individually caught up in the same matrix.

    I have lived for more than a year at a time a number of times in 5th dimensional time and space, co-creating and living in harmony with the land I lived on and with all the elementals and animals and visitors from other realms. I had been told by a dowser when I bought my house that it was waiting for me to move into the 5th dimension and that is exactly what happened. I would think of something and it would appear, including a pair of diamond earrings found in my bedroom closet a week after making a statement out loud about diamond earrings. The flowers and fruit trees on my property would produce such abundance it was unbelievable. My six dogs, all rescues, would feng shui themselves according to color, two red, two white and two black. My feng shui master friend would fall on the floor laughing because he’d never seen anything like it.

    If we want to change the world we need to change ourselves with love and joy and fun and by so doing we can connect with our own personal environments to create our own heaven on earth on the planet. When all our separate pods join together and overlap, that will be the day we create a new consciousness and a new way of living. It does not require friction. I requires faith in our own personal abilities and the Divine. Our challenge is individual and by accepting that fact we can succeed.

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  3. Beautiful, Mia! Thank you for sharing those examples. I love them! 🙂


  4. Posted by Sky on October 13, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    Well put! Both Laura and Mia. This is the way to change frequency and the world.


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  5. Thanks, Sky! 🙂


  6. I’m not going to dance around the fact that I’m really tired of these boy’s club embrace of the patriarchal new age faux truther’s vs the cabal urgent essays on how us awakened peeps need to get on board with their ‘truth’, I can’t even read Marc Passio’s rants anymore, so distant from the frequency of mother earth they are. Why do these boys club for men keep dolling this supposively deep esoteric wisdom that the Earth is a hologram?! Therefore, fill in the blanks, so dismissive and out of touch with the yes, ancient embrace that she is a living, breathing goddess that we’re to co create with that I’m actually getting angered at how insulting this is to our dear mother, ultimately is she a hologram? Who cares! You can feel her, interact with her, honor her and as Laura so evocatively pointed out, can create new energy hot spots that by pass the co opted ley lines and how cool is that? Anyone who’s done any work healing the land can feel it deeply, feel her love, feel the love of the nature spirits whop appreciate your efforts, why doesn’t Mr Love talk about this? Because he clearly has no relationship with the divine feminine and conversely his divine masculinity, is this too blunt? Maybe but it’s this wanna be faux truther guru types that now dominate the so called awakened 5D blogs that I used to read and now find them so out of touch with real change that’s it’s almost comical.

    Yes, the cabal actively uses ancient magick to their ends but doesn’t Mr Love and especially the stomach turning Mr Passio inform their reader’s exactly how this shamanic magick was practiced globally for thousand’s of years, mostly by women, magick that opened pathways to subtle energies while maintaining balance with the earth and relatively peaceful co existence for again, ten’s of thousand’s of year’s! No, that’s way to complex for these boys club loud mouth’s who obviously get off on the high drama of us vs the cabal instead of the simple pleasure’s of smelling rich soil or working with people in their neighborhoods to raise consciousness, on a local level, no, they thrive on the tired guru syndrome complex where the world is black and white and the rush of follower’s, gives their lives meaning, their rabid mostly ex Christian or 12 step followers go after people in the comments section of blogs with bizarre behavioral policing, especially those that lean towards pagan beliefs or actively work in a polytheistic system with a variety of ancient god’s, goddess’s, to them this is all occulted magick that scares the shit out of them because they’re haven’t made peace with their dogmatic ex Christian lives, hence they have to run around mixing truth’s with fear laden speculation, here’s my Rx for Mr Love, go pick a tree in your neighborhood and hug it for ten minutes, daily, sing to it, ask it for guidance, develop a relationship, you’ll start to feel something, your heart will open, within a year, you’ll truly shift, you’ll drop your paid blog and develop real humility, you’ll feel truly alive and connected to the earth and all life, the games of the cabal, while still important to stand up to and work to dissolve, will be done with real power, not mind chatter, go for it Mr Love, it is indeed an urgent time.

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  7. Huge grin, Mitch! I love your Rx. It reminds me of that Nature Rx video you sent me awhile back, and yes, that spooky women’s wisdom scares the boys’ club more than anything else in this world. Because it works! That’s why the cabal bastardized the Luce Sophia (organic light of Sophia) and turned it into male dominated Luciferianism, all about manipulation and control rather than natural harmony.

    The difference between the cabal’s Luciferianism and the true, organic Light of Sophia is the difference between Ancient knowledge and Ancient Wisdom. And that kind of Wisdom can be immediate, right here, right now … from a tree, from the soil, from observing and celebrating the Seasons. Love you, sweet friend! Thanks for being such an integrated male. We need not only a return of the divine feminine, but also of the empowered, sacred and divine masculine. Thank you for modeling that from your head, heart and hands. I love my goddess aware male friends!


  8. Posted by mia feroleto on October 13, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    BRAVO Mitch!!!

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  9. Posted by Kieron on October 13, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    OMG. What a balm. Thanks, Laura, for so beautifully articulating why I felt uneasy with that Loves essay, and thank you, too Mitch, for pointing out the repetitive patriarchal patterning that was sticking in my craw. I read the essay before going to bed last night, which was a mistake, and felt it just drag me down and make me question whether I’m doing enough. In the light of day, and in the glow of intuition and the blaze of these comments, I can see more clearly. I may not be able to see faeries and I may not be terribly energy-sensitive (yet) but I can read people’s energy through their writing. I can tell who’s full of it, and I can tell who’s for real. That’s why I hang around here, I guess. 😉 Anyway, many of the men whose articles Jean posts are men (I won’t call them by name here, but there are at least 9) who make my hackles go up, because they are exactly the type Mitch describes, and they almost universally find a way to subtly degrade or demean people who are not like them, or who they perceive are causes of humanity’s problems. They mean well, but they are too left-brained. This extends to many truther blogs and forums, which are stomach-turning because they are unable to see their own participation in, and extension of, the separation and polarization. I just have no time for them anymore, and this is a subtle trail-marker or me that I am still headed in the right direction– for me. 🙂

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  10. Posted by James G on October 13, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    Your are correct that the earth field is shifting Laura. It’s started on Dec 21 2012. This is what the Mayans were telling us. I really belive that using the magic of the sacred feminine and masculine together will get us out of this cesspool that these patriarchs have got us in to. I think that true ancient knowledge has been lost for quite some time. It’s the reason why I work so hard on my research. The cabal may know about mind control and certain energies, but they have lost what the powers of the earth, universe and the sacred feminine can do. These powers built the megaliths around the world. These powers of nature a are stronger than any dark magic they want to play with. Karma is there for a reason. 😊

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  11. Big hugs and love, Kieron! See?! There ARE men embodying the ancient and new energies. You might be few and far between, but I know enough of you that I feel tremendous hope and growing power for humanity as we reharmonize with the natural to create and nurture what’s really Real. 🙂


  12. Hugs, cheers and love, James! You’re another of those awake and aware males not afraid to embrace the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, recognizing the importance of the sacred, and honoring beauty and Earth as good, and right and true. Thanks for your presence here on this blog and on this planet. Your daughter’s a lucky little lady to have you for a dad!


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