The Telegraph ~ Lyme Disease Cases Have Quadrupled

I’m glad that Lyme Disease is finally getting more press. UK’s The Telegraph just posted an article detailing the spread of Lyme in the UK and Europe, noting that “Lyme Disease Cases Have Quadrupled.” I’ve written several articles and have posted many other expert resources for preventing, treating and healing Lyme Disease. You can find these archived Lyme articles by clicking here. The most popular Lyme article on this blog is my 2009 post, “Healing Lyme Disease.”

Lyme is a tremendous teacher and soul liberator, but those lessons and expansion are usually very hard won. If you and/or a loved one are dealing with Lyme Disease or suspect you might be, please do check out the links and resources. At any given time, probably 50-90% of my clients either have or used to have Lyme Disease, so I’m familiar with both the heartbreak and the incredible triumphs. Sending love, blessings and encouragement to anyone dealing with challenge…  ❤

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