News Alert ~ Polish Farmers Arrested Defending Farmland

I received this newsletter today from Sir Julian Rose and his partner Jadwiga Lopata. Things are really heating up in Poland! The first country to successfully ban GMO’s, Poland has been on corporate ag’s dirt list for many years now, with aggressively punitive regulation and betrayal of local, organic farmers. The newsletter below details the latest events, including the draconian arrest of peacefully protesting farmers blocking the sale of Polish farmland to foreign speculators and corporations instead of young Polish farmers.

If the Polish government is so concerned about foreign interests, then they shouldn’t mind a bunch of outraged emails from the international scene. Why does this matter to you, even if you don’t live in Poland? With the TPP “free” trade agreement looming for an intended fast track through Congress, the TTIP “free” trade treaty connecting Europe and North America — both giant gifts to Big Ag and Big Pharma — organic, local food has never been more threatened in more places. This bullying of Polish farmers no doubt means to send a message across the globe: “Resistance is futile. The corporations will swallow you whole and spit you out in pieces.”

Well, not on my watch, and hopefully not on yours either. If you value your right to eat real food, to support real farmers and a local economy, ironically, supporting the small, local, organic farmers in Poland might be one of the more important things you do for your own city and your own plate. Thanks and blessings to anyone who takes action on this.

News Alert – Polish Farmers Arrested Defending Farmland

URGENT! The Polish farmers are calling for other farming and consumer groups in Europe and beyond to show solidarity with their actions. As one farmer said “To day we are arrested – tomorrow you could be.”
Please do send letters of support!

On 6th October 2015 the police arrested 11 farmers from Pyrzyce (Western Pomerania Province) where 60% of farmland has already been sold off to foreign buyers. The arrested farmers are accused of participating in an organized group whose aim is to prevent the actioning of tenders for the sale of Polish farmland by WRSP (land owned by the state). The farmers were arrested on their own farms and handcuffed with their families watching.

The prosecutor stated that “they will all have to answer for impeding the tenders for the sale of land… The farmers are blocking a dozen tenders connected with the foreign sale of farming estates worth at least 6 million zloty.”

The arrested farmers had actively participated in protests in Szczecin and the surrounding region as well as Warsaw, their aim is to introduce changes into the law applicable to farmland management and to put a stop to Polish land sale transactions to speculative foreigners and corporations.

“These changes would stop the out-of-control and reckless sale of Polish farmland which is causing economic and social degradation of the countryside and the building of colonial relations in these territories…” – said Edward Kosmal – the leader of the KPRWZ (Western Pomerania Farmers Protesting Committee).

Two days after the farmers were arrested (8th October) five of them were sentenced to two months of provisional detention. Others were released on bail with the financial guarantees of 30 to 60 thousand zloty. The farmers could be sentenced to five years imprisonment.

“Is this an attempt to intimidate other farmers participating in protests? A revenge for fighting with companies with foreign capital that want to buy-up Polish farmland? – asked Sir Julian Rose, the President of ICPPC.

“The farmers blocked tenders connected with the sale of Polish farmland in which foreign companies participated (for example, Danish companies and their agents). They also sowed the land which was supposed to be grabbed by foreign capital with their own grains and kept watch on the area, thus blocking other entities from entering. Their protest is against the sale of Polish land into foreign hands instead of to aspiring young Polish farmers.” – commented Jadwiga Lopata, vice president of ICPPC.

The farmers from the Western Pomerania Province are outraged and are demanding that the arrested farmers should immediately be released from custody. They have announced a large scale protest in front of the Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin on Monday (12th October). 100 tractors will participate in this action.
International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside-ICPPC is fully supporting the farmers’ actions!

URGENT! The Polish farmers are calling for other farming and consumer groups in Europe and beyond to show solidarity with their actions. As one farmer said “To day we are arrested – tomorrow you could be.”
This includes TTIP attempts to prevent the sovereign protection of internal food chains.

Please do send letters of support to the farmers – through us – and we will forward them to the Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopasz and other ministers as well as to the prosecutor. [Here is Jadwiga’s email: jadwiga @ Please remove the spaces before sending your letter. Thank you!]

You can donate to ICPPC’s activities here
Many thanks!

Jadwiga Lopata and Julian Rose
ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside,
34-146 Stryszow 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114
Julian’s website ABOUT BOOK:

4 responses to this post.

  1. Here’s what I sent them:

    Hi Jadwiga and Julian,

    I posted your newsletter on my blog:

    Please address and forward the following comment to whomever it needs to go to. Thank you for all your work to protect not only Poland but all of the world’s food supply!

    Many blessings,

    Laura Bruno

    To Whom it May Concern:

    From Goshen, Indiana, USA, I write to show solidarity with Poland’s organic farmers trying to protect their country’s farmland from international corporate interests and control. Eating local, real food is a human right fast encroached upon by so called “free” trade treaties and agricultural conglomerates who care far more about profit and market share, than quality, local tradition, and free choice. Poland has stood as a model for dynamic, sovereign, local, organic food systems. Our world needs more of what Polish farmers represent, not more corporations spraying toxic herbicides and pesticides or growing monocrops that destroy ecosystems and deplete the fertility of the land.

    Please reconsider this draconian measure of arresting and prosecuting those who truly care about healthy food, land and economies for Polish citizens. The continued persecution of Poland’s farmers makes evident to the entire world the levels of corruption creeping into your government. I say this from the United States, where we’ve witnessed corporate agriculture giants destroy our food system in two generations, with a corollary result of American obesity, diabetes and heart attack rates skyrocketing. Please protect the citizens you were elected to represent. Without exaggerating, I can say that giving your local, organic food supply over to merciless international corporations will ruin your nation, your children and your economy. Save them while you still can.

    Sincerely and with deep concern,

    Laura Bruno

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  2. Hi, Laura! I appreciate so much your publishing this. I sent a “tweet” to this woman on Twitter who is a clearinghouse for investigation and exposure/disclosure.

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  3. Posted by Kieron on October 10, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    I sent a short note expressing much the same sentiment. I remember reading in YES” magazine that there had been rumblings and turmoil in Poland just a few years ago over farms and food, with Polish farmers leading the way out of the industrial mindset. Then it seemingly got quiet for awhile, and I guess now the globalists are making their move.

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