Cycles of the Sun and the Moon in Our Lives

Back in the days of many, many moves, I would migrate instead of living through any unpleasant season. Now that I’m rooted in a less than gorgeous area, honoring the change of Seasons and the Wheel of the Year has become an important practice of grounding and gratitude, regardless of the weather. I’ve so enjoyed hosting celebrations for others, too, as the community aspect of the Wheel of the Year helps us feel not only in tune with the Seasons, but also with the Land and Her People. Thank you for this beautiful description of all the turns of the Wheel. ❤

The Druid's Garden

Humans evolved in alignment with the movement of the sun and the moon. As the sun moved, so did human camps of hunters and gathers. As the sun moved, so still move many birds, fish, and mammals as they migrate to avoid the biting cold. As the moon moved, so do the cycles within our bodies, the tides and flows, and wildlife. The sun and moon cycles are literally woven into our blood, into our DNA, and however disconnected some of humanity currently is from the cycles of the sun and moon, they are still there, ever present. How many friends or co-workers still talk about the full moon and how intense people get? How many people in the USA celebrate thanksgiving and a harvest season? How many people feel like staying inside during the darkest time of the year? The cycles of the celestial heavens are there, shining…

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  1. Posted by sky on October 8, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    What a strikingly beautiful Wheel of the Year! I also admire how you have chosen to “bloom” where you are planted and to create beauty around you. For not just your own enjoyment, but for the enjoyment and inspiration of others around you. It is in this year that you have seen your garden acquire its own momentum, its own “life force”. It has come alive as a living organism with your and the Fae’s loving nurturning. Now is the time to enjoy and give thanks for your life and your garden’s bountiful harvest. As we, your readers, give thanks for your sharing your garden and Fae with us.


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