Syrian Girl on the Refugee Crisis

I’ve always enjoyed Syrian Girl’s passionate, insider reports on what’s happening in Syria and now with the refugees. She’s a strong soul to maintain such beautiful, clear energy amidst all the chaos and witnessing her beloved country crumbling around her. I appreciate the balance of this video, which interviews individual Syrians — refugees in their own country as well as abroad — but also looks at the larger global agendas and disinformation.

In particular, Syrian Girl exposes the fact that the majority of the refugees in this crisis are not Syrian nor even from the Levant region. She also explains the high quality of life that Syrians enjoyed prior to the US-manipulated “civil war” there. I’ve seen similar videos regarding Libya pre-2011’s illegal invasion by the US, although not from anyone as articulate and compassionate as Syrian Girl. She also offers potential solutions that each individual can do, ways to act from compassion that truly do help Syrians instead of simply fueling the elite’s twisted agenda. Even though this video was posted back on September 9, it’s still a must-watch, imho.

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  2. Posted by CindyW on October 7, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    Thank you, Laura, for posting the video. She reminds me of Riverbend, the articulate young Iraqi woman who blogged during the Iraq War, against the US-led war on that country, which George and I (and our village at the time) did not support. Most Americans seem to have no idea how highly developed these countries were, that much of their population is highly literate, there were many many educated women and professionals – some of whom have come here before the crisis to get away from the wars. I appreciate her suggestions. It is, after all, as she says, the cradle of civilization. Iraq included the Tigris and Euphrates, which we bombed. And of course, we can never say anything negative to the Saudis – no matter what they do.

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    • You’re welcome, Cindy. I wasn’t online much at the time of the Iraq War — although I guess it’s still technically ongoing, right? Does the US ever actually end any of its wars, legal or illegal? Given the “elite” propensity for symbolism, I’ve always wondered about them continually trying to annihilate the cradle of civilization. I read a beautiful book this past year, called, “Grandmother’s Secrets.” It was written by an Iraqi woman pre-2003 invasion and gives intimate insights into women’s lives and the rich culture of Iraq before we bombed them to smithereens. She’s a belly dancer, but there are layers and layers of meanings to each move, each story, and each observation. I cried reading the book, because I realized that none of what she described of their culture remains untouched by war now.



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