“Time to Stand Up: The Buddha’s Life and Message Through Feminine Eyes” ~ New Reading Group in Goshen

Our friend Tim is actually running this reading group, but we decided last week that I’ll be hosting it in the blue house next door, aka “Haus am See.” Since I know some locals read this blog but don’t necessarily frequent the places Tim left flyers, he said I could post his announcement here, in case anyone’s interested. If you don’t live near here but find the book of interest, why not start your own reading group in your location? Tea, a book and good conversation: great excuses to gather when the weather outside turns chilly.

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  1. Posted by Kieron on October 6, 2015 at 12:41 am

    “…helping people be more functional in a dysfunctional system.” That’s exactly the phrasing I’ve been seeking. I’m openly and bluntly telling clients that it’s the system that is broken, not they themselves. They are starting to absorb this, I see the change happening, and the more I share this view of the dysfunction, it seems to give them permission to see themselves as functional in a dysfunctional system.



  2. Yes! It’s like that whole it’s no great achievement to be considered “sane” in a world gone mad….


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