The Silence of the Hive

So sorry to hear about your hive! Thank you for this passionate wake up call to everyone, and thank you, as always, for all that you do towards habitat regeneration. Joanna Macy always helps in these cases with her reminder that we don’t know that we’ll succeed in this Great Turning. We don’t do it to win. We do it, because it’s the right thing to do, and, as David’s Dutch saying goes, “Above all else, do that which you cannot not do.” Blessed Bees, may you rest in peace, and may this world regenerate faster than we collectively destroy it.

The Druid's Garden

A full hive with bees working A full hive with bees working

What you quickly learn as a beekeeper is that the sound of the hive matters.  When you first get into a hive, if the hive is in good health and has all of its needs met, hive is generally pretty quiet (I talk about the hive as a single organism, because that’s really what bees are: a single super organism.)  Sometimes, a hive is louder when you arrive–the bees are fanning the hive with their wings to keep it cool, or they are beating their wings to generate heat in the winter to keep it warm (you don’t open the hive under 50 degrees). But in the absence of extreme hot or cold, a happy and healthy hive emits only a very soft sound, discernible only up close when you open it. Beehives always have some buzzing in them–the bees move around, beat their wings…

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  1. May it bee so! Blessings to the bees on their journey back to the Oneness.



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