Arthur myghtern a ve hag a vyth — “Arthur king who was and will be”

Some fertile ground here for anyone who feels paradoxically disconnected and stuck:

“’Head in the clouds, dreamer, impractical, unfocused’: words so many of us may have seen in school reports, job assessments, personal evaluations. Or maybe we suffer from the opposite pole, and more and more of the lightness and joy has been leached from our days through routine, day to day cares, deadlines and installments and bills and mortgages and the nightmarish hope of someday ‘catching up’ or ‘getting ahead’ or ‘arriving.’ Always, it can seem, one pole or the other. But polarized things gather power. That’s why an illusion can grab and hold us. But that’s also why change and growth and exploration are also — always — possibilities. Poles hold the energy for entrapment, but also for transformation.”

A Druid Way

Like their kindred words in the other Celtic tongues, the syllables* of this Cornish saying still echo, telling of the “Once and Future King.” They assert a living archetype of a king born in fulfillment of prophecy, a ruler recognized and granted kingship by the Lady of the Lake, a leader who struggles, fights and dies for his people. The king is the land.

Arthur1 Arthur from the Matthews’ deck

Nyns yu marow Arthur myghtern. “He is not dead, king Arthur,” the story continues, but sleeps, and will wake at his country’s direst need, and return. The king is the land.

Arthurian tarot decks like John and Caitlin Matthew’s Hallowquest, Anna-Marie Ferguson’s Legend and Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm’s Druidcraft packs often depict the archetypal king as card 4, the Emperor. This is Arthur as anointed ruler, secure in his kingship, enthroned, crowned and robed in power.

But surely what moves us more is not merely this static image, forceful though it can…

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  1. “But polarized things gather power”. How true! One can use this concept to make reality work for you or against you. What we focus on increases, what we do not focus on decreases.

    There are also very interesting thoughts about space and time in the linked article. Time, as in past, present, and future, is indeed happening all at once. It’s just that most of us only “perceive” the present. In addition, I have always felt that time is made of multiple threads of possibility. Therefore, there are multiple paths to the same point in the future. Some contain suffering, some don’t.

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