Bernie Suarez on the pope’s NWO: “Everyone must realize as soon as possible that every form of top-down governance leads to tyranny”k

Thanks to Ann for the balanced intro to this Bernie Saurez piece that many good hearted, Earth loving people have difficulty recognizing or swallowing. Like Ann and Bernie, I advocate as much local sovereignty and local focus on ways to insulate ourselves from the “need” for tyranny. If each of our local areas finds its own ways to keep food closer to home, to encourage off-grid living, and especially to protect our water from military-industrial takeover or deliberate destruction, then we render the top down tyranny obviously unnecessary.

I love our planet and would give the co-opted sustainability movement far more credence if it addressed Earth poisoning, geo-engineering, and Fukushima even 1/10 as much as the “need” for SMART meters and appliances that spy on us. Just like I would feel far more supportive of “universal” government “health”care if that focus included ousting GMO’s, ending government subsidies for high fructose corn syrup, and removal of drug manufacturers’ amnesty for vaccine reactions.

Until Pope Francis starts opening the Vatican’s coffers to poor nations and starts housing more than two immigrant families in all the vast land holdings and mansions owned by the Vatican, then I have heard enough of his “poor church” for poor people spin. And until he stops jet setting around the world and instead demands the Vatican divest in big oil, insists on community gardens at all Catholic churches and schools, and allows for some kind of voluntary birth control instead of covertly sterilizing vaccines to stop the population explosion, then I don’t want to hear another peep about how my air conditioning is evil.

Growing at least some of our own food and finding some way to maintain our own water supply are two of the most radical, truly sustainable things we can do as individuals. Until “sustainable development” folks start supporting and protecting those things, they can talk to my compost covered hand. If they care so much about our planet, they can get out of their jets and into the garden. Maybe those soil microbes will restore a bit of sanity. If that doesn’t work, there’s always my old proposal of mandatory colonics for members of Congress. Time to flush out the BS, and while they’re at it, stop making grey water systems and humanure illegal.

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