Day 158: Autumn and Signs of Winter Weather

Hmmmm, yet another reason to find somewhere to plant a persimmon tree! Happy Autumn!

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With it being the first day of Autumn I thought we should start looking at those signs of the upcoming winter season. That’s done in many different ways here in the Ozarks, here are a few that were recorded by Vance Randolph:

“I have known hillfolk who more or less seriously forecast the weather for many months in advance by splitting open a persimmon seed in autumn. If the little growth at one end, between the two halves of the seed, looks like a spoon, it means that the next summer will be moist and warm, and that everybody will raise bumper crops. But if the seed carries a tiny knife and fork, instead of the spoon, the growing season will be unsatisfactory and many crops will fail.”

There’s a variation on this folklore that says if there’s a spoon in the seed we’ll all be shoveling snow all winter…

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  1. Nowadays a fairly reliable sign that a weather front is on the way is chemtrails in the sky.

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  2. Yep, sad but true!


  3. Posted by Lorraine on September 23, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Looks like my neck of the NEPA woods!

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