The Wheel of the Year: Sustainable and Spiritual Activities for the Fall Equinox

Wonderful ideas, as usual! The official date of Autumn Equinox this year is Wednesday, the 23rd, but most people traditionally celebrate it today. Happy Fall to those in the Northern Hemisphere, and Happy Spring to those down under!

The Druid's Garden

Note: This post is directed at those who live in the northern hemisphere; for my readers in the southern hemisphere, you can see my post on the Spring Equinox for activities appropriate to you!

Hemlocks entering the dark half of the year.... Hemlocks entering the dark half of the year….

As the days shorten and we once again are faced with the coming of the winter months, we are reminded of the cycles that the sun provides to us and the promise, always, of new beginnings.  Each season brings its own spiritual and sustainable activities–and the Fall Equinox is so full of many things to see and to do!

The Fall Equinox sits on the gateway between the light and dark half of the year and after the equinox, we are in the dark half of the year once more. It is at the moment of the equinox that the light and the dark are in balance–and we…

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  1. Posted by James G on September 22, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Happy Alban Elfed Laura. 😊



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