Soil Regeneration & Lawn Reclamation: Creating a Sheet Mulch Bed from Seedy Garden Weeds

This is a different method of sheet mulching than I’ve used before, too. I love the dancing part! I usually lay down the cardboard first and then layer on top of that. This method does the reverse, with apparently good results. Whichever method you use for sheet mulching/lasagna gardening, know that you’re adding the potential for life back into your soil. Most of our front yard and now all of the front yard next door has been converted into garden via loads and loads of biomass and cardboard. No one ever complimented this lawn, but people love the garden, not to mention its bounty of flowers and food. The bottom of the post also links to alternative instructions on sheet mulching, so pick a method and enjoy the creative destruction of lawns!

The Druid's Garden

As I’ve discussed recently on this blog, one way of rebuilding and deepening our relationship with the land is through the intentional act of regeneration. This regeneration work, in many cases, starts with the soil. The soil is the web of all life, and without soil, we cannot traditionally grow anything (I say “traditionally” because aquaponics and other systems do have soil-less approaches, but those aren’t really useful to say, converting your front yard into vegetables). Our soils globally are degraded, and most estimates suggest that if things keep going the way they are going, we have only 60 years of topsoil left.  Topsoil takes an extremely long time to recover naturally–about 2″ every 1000 years.  What is happening in the case of industrial farming, growing of lawns, and so on is that material that should be cycled back into the soil them now ends up blown away, in rivers…

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