Is THIS how Trump trumps? Cue Roland Barthes.

This is such a blast from the past! I have not heard anyone discuss Roland Barthes since I finished my Minor in Art History in 1995. “Roland Barthes has been dead for 35 years, but he may be onto something.” Indeed. So if Barthes is correct, then what would happen if Donald Trump runs with Jesse Ventura as a running mate? Will the US officially turn into the WWF?!

Two days ago while I was setting up power for the house next door, the confirmation rep tried to get me to sign up for cable, too. I explained that I wasn’t sure if I’d use DSL or cable for phone and internet over there. “So you’re just going to keep your TV at your home?” “No, we don’t have a television.” “What?!!!!? Really?” “Yeah. And we won’t be getting cable for TV.” She was so stunned that she actually stopped talking for a moment. Who in their right mind would willingly miss this spectacle? The Fall of the Roman Empire had gladiators, and we’ve got … pro wrestlers?

No wonder I garden and talk with faeries … methinks the so-called “real world” has gotten punch drunk.

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  1. Say what you want about their various positions and shouting points – a ticket of Trump and Ventura would scare the bejeesus out of the cabal that inflicted 9/11 on us. They must be quite uneasy as it is. Ventura as Vice President would lobby hard for public disclosure as he did quite openly on his TV show “Conspiracy Theory.”. Just running would be enough as Ventura would probably figure out ways to insert the conspiracy topic into his campaign adventures. It would be a heck of a ride, and they had better have flawless security in place.



  2. Posted by manyhahama1955 on September 17, 2015 at 2:00 am

    Hilarious! Yes, it is quite the display of ridiculousness in Maya’s playground, isn’t it? I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. ha! Alot could happen in the next year tho…having the feeling that some big changes are coming still. Sending much love. Enjoy the wild ride! : )

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  3. Posted by Kieron on September 17, 2015 at 11:12 am

    *eyeroll* Merely bread and circuses. All of us here know the next “leader” has been selected already.

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    • Well, as I said in an earlier article, him completely ending all illegal immigration and sending them all home would crash the food system here lickity split, since the regular supermarket pricing that many Americans can barely afford as is, depends directly on near-slave wages, or in some cases actual slave labor from illegal immigrants. The film, “Food Chains” gives a heartrending and sobering look into our conventional food system. As I watched that documentary, I finally realized why the puppeteers have let Trump spout off: if he actually got in, then the people will have demanded their own demise. Food prices will skyrocket, or food will simply rot in the fields, and the economy will crash. Even The Simpsons predicted a Trump victory would lead to economic crash, and they also predicted 9/11 and Robin Williams’ “accidental” death.

      Best policies I can see are for communities to go local, especially with their food supplies. The more food communities have on hand, the more people of all cultures and backgrounds who know how to grow organic food, the better. There’s a reason illegals get most of the agricultural jobs: they are extremely toxic 16 hours days of work. Obama did sign a 2011 executive order legalizing forced, unpaid labor in the US if the Feds say so, and honestly, after seeing “Food Chains” you’ll realize that if we don’t change the system, and Trump sends home all illegals, that executive order will become necessary to feed this country. None of this is accidental, imho. The psychos have loads of contingency plans. I just wish more people would have at least A plan, let alone 16 contingency plans.

      Interesting times! Grow more food. 🙂



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