9/11, Fourteen Years on: Paul Simon’s Silence. Burning Man. Birthing Man!

Thank you, Ann!

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  1. It’s no accident that the 9/11 stagecraft happened just as the internet was really revving up – the net cut its eye teeth on 9/11 as a tool for the public to get together to compare notes and to dissect Great Crimes. In that sense, the timing was fortuitous and preordained by forces of awareness.

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  2. Posted by Kieron on September 13, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    “In that sense, the timing was fortuitous and preordained by forces of awareness.”

    All part of the grand scheme of manipulation. Is the manipulation for our long-term benefit and evolution as a species? Or is it done to inflict the maximum amount of damage, trauma and upheaval possible? I go back and forth on this one, often.

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  3. Posted by Kieron on September 14, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    Probably not. Some bloggers, and assorted online opinion-generators, have hinted that the activities of certain groups of people are responsible for the decline of civics, morality, and decency, and of course the family unit. Said bloggers cite the example of certain wealthy interests who promoted the notion of women’s liberation in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, suggesting that all would have been well had these interests just left society alone, thereby keeping familial roles and general morality intact. Perhaps so, although said bloggers also deify that era as a “golden age,” when there was every bit as much crime, corruption and repression as can be found today.

    But when you think about it, were not the seeds of discontent and unrest already present in a time when the only options open to women were kuchen, kinder and kirken? What I’m trying to say is that the stifling and stultifying atmosphere of the times needed to be aired out, for fresh experiences and lessons, and perhaps manipulation took place in order to bring those changes. But who or what started the ball rolling? Does the Universe keep the waves of change coming, or is it really the social agitators and then hidden interests? Or all of it? It’s kind of like the chicken-and-egg, and we don’t know, and perhaps can’t know, which came first.

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    • Just my personal opinion – the idea that the 60’s were socially engineered by Archons or whatever with ulterior motives is just an attempt by disgruntled elites to take credit for something that was mostly out of their hands. If they can take credit for it then it looks like it was not out of their hands, and that they always have their hands firmly on the levers of power when they really don’t.
      Something as reckless, savage, and psychopathic as the 9/11 inside job could only have happened with a weak, puppet president like Bush 2 in the White House. The manipulators behind the scenes did not by any means “get away with it.” The karmic consequences of their actions are still unfolding before them, and “busting” 9/11 among the general populace has awakened us all to how really nasty people can sometimes grab the reins and let the horses run wild, but the manipulators are themselves manipulated. None of us knows the ultimate context of events, but we can sure a hell react as moral beings, and reacting we are.

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  4. The events of 9/11 opened my eyes to a reality I had refused to admit earlier:

    Click to access STALINS_SCIENCE.pdf

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