29 Holistic Doctors/Naturopaths Poisoned at Homeopathic Health Conference

This video starts a bit scattered, but it’s very important news, especially in light of a suspicious number of dead holistic doctors the past couple months:

Let’s surround all holistic health practitioners with extra protection. I know for a fact that even before this happened, alternative doctors and practitioners have been taking the suspicious deaths of their colleagues quite seriously, because one of my client’s highly successful homeopaths is shutting down her practice and going under the radar due to extreme concern of murder. I can only imagine what this event in Germany has done to convince others. Thankfully, no one died, although many remain in life threatening condition.

With the push for mandatory vaccination and dramatically increased vaccine schedules for both adults and children, universal “health” “care” (read: medical tyranny), and the continued attacks on real food and natural supplements, this poisoning of 29 holistic doctors and naturopaths shows how far those in power are willing to go to gain complete control over our bodies and our health. May they be plagued by a combination of Murphy’s Law and instant karma.

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    Unprecedented evil lurks in this world and is determined to stop anyone who is truly trying to protect people’s health….

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