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I received this update from Dean yesterday:

Laura…I’d like to thank you personally for all you have done for the Joe Geeting Memorial. I’d also like to reach out to your readers and friends who contributed generously and helped to make the month of August successful. Specifically there were a couple donors who I did not recognize and could not track down to thank personally. So if they are reading this THANK YOU.

I won’t call out your names publicly and you’ve asked to remain anonymous as well. But thank you. That goes for everyone who has sent good energy, green or otherwise to this good cause.

Thank you Laura for bringing it to the attention of your friends and readers. And thank all of you for being awake and aware in these times of transition. A New Day is dawning. From a human perspective it seems to be taking too long. But viewed from a higher dimension its all unfolding perfectly in its own time.

Peace Profound..Dean Scarpinato, L.Ac, Astrologer

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I’m not able to post all the requests that come my way, but I agree with Dean on this one: how we treat widows and children speaks volumes. I had a dear friend whose husband died, and the insurance company refused to pay any death benefits to her, leaving her in her grief and terrible financial straits. The kindness of strangers kept her afloat until other support became available. If you can contribute and feel moved to do so, please do. If you can “just” send prayers and/or Reiki, please do. Thanks and blessings … Laura


My name is Dean Scarpinato and I am writing on behalf of Sheila Geeting.  Sheila is an older lady beyond her working years who rents a farm house from me in Western Illinois.  I keep the rent as low as I can, at $600 per month.  I also try to be flexible regarding…

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