A Prayer, a Gesture, a Star Unseen

A wise and beautiful piece! (And peace)

A Druid Way

I cherish my Druid family, but like all our families can, they sometimes drive me crazy. Very often I cringe when I see their online appeals for assistance with jobs, health, relationships — the usual sources of our suffering and joy. Don’t misunderstand: I want to help. But that impulse immediately finds itself in combat with a question: do I really know what even I myself need in a given situation? Not what I want, but what I need? Is it any kindness to send energy to a situation that does not serve a friend’s best interests?

Such appeals typically elicit a round of quick replies from well-meaning readers. A ritual performed, a prayer said, a visualization completed. Done, done, done.

What to pray for? The obvious, the thing the other person is requesting, seems dogged with problems. Divination can help, of course, and dreams, or that conversation with friends when a word or phrase lights up with brighter meaning. There’s an omen…

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  1. Laura, thanks for reblogging my post here on your site. I appreciate your support!

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  2. You’re most welcome! It was a great article and a topic I’m also faced with often during sessions or with prayer requests — when you get a sense that something much bigger is going on than the simple thing the person knows to ask for in this moment, from this limited perspective. 🙂 Very timely.


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