The Truth of the Matter …

…lies somewhere between this:

The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters

by Mike Adams …
And this:

Yes, pun intended. Truth upon lies upon truth upon lies — a mise en abyme. Yes, I agree with Mike Adams (except his comment that only male energy can save us — imho, we need a return of the Sacred Masculine, as well as the Empowered Feminine.We’ve got plenty of patriarchal BS, thank you very little, but we need the Male Principle to get back in touch with the sacred, and we need women to become empowered in ways beyond putting on a pantsuit and out-aggressing all the men. We also need to recognize that masculine and feminine energies are bigger than sex or gender, and that we each have some masculine and some feminine begging for expression. The manner of expression also makes a difference in terms of empowerment, compassion and effectiveness).

David and I listened to Mark Bittman’s talk last night, and I found myself agreeing with him in a lot of spots, but then pausing the video and interjecting a lot of “yeah, but’s,” mostly me adding a permaculture approach to food, which implements sustainability by creating closed systems and stacked functions. Permaculture works with Nature, not in spite of or by completely controlling Nature, including Human Nature. It’s permanent culture, but also permanent agriculture, and true permaculture puts people back in touch with the living planet and all Her beings in ways that corporate and globalist controlled “sustainability mandates” have no intention or possibility of generating. You don’t improve human-planetary relations by completely isolating people from Nature!

I also cringed when Mark Bittman made a huge point that he’s not saying to eat organic food, “just eat more veggies.” Ummmmmmm, when environmentalists start plugging for GMO’s and negating that pesticides, herbicides and the patenting of life have any impact on the environment, it takes a great deal of discipline for me not to say:

talk to the hand 'cause the face ain't listening

(image source)

On the other hand –yep, I feel quite punny all of a sudden — clearly, we cannot continue down the current path. When will “environmentalists” start calling out geo-engineering as one of the worst impacts on the environment? When will sustainability “experts” start recognizing permaculture, organic home gardens, off grid living, and on-site recycling of manure (including humanure) as the way forward instead of the things to be destroyed via global regulations? When will humanity change because saving our planet is the right thing to do rather than needing a natural (or military-industrial designed) disaster or excessive taxation to coerce change?

I think I offended a friend the other day while discussing politics — something I rarely do, because my views are both radically right and radically left, so far afield that I’m guaranteed to offend someone with pretty much every comment. Basically, I said, I’m a compassionate anarchist, but I do recognize that the current system and the current iteration of humanity are so broken and dysfunctional that barring some kind of divine intervention or Act of (Earth) Goddess, I can see why it will likely take the route of a global crackdown on individual rights. “We live in a culture filled with babies and narcissists. Until the babies learn how much power they have and take responsibility for that power and the choices involved in wielding that power, the babies will always fall prey to the narcissists.”

By way of explaining why I would not attend a local political function this week, I emailed my friend: “I really don’t do well with politics. I am way too radical for pretty much everyone, but if I befriend them, empower them, help them get in touch with their inner guidance, then they do tend to have breakthroughs and find creative ways to work around the BS. It just takes a long time of underground, behind the scenes, friendly ‘work’ on my end. If I just try to explain stuff to people without first raising consciousness and empowerment, then I come across as rude, or I leave with smoke coming out of my ears. 🙂

“At least I know this about myself, and my way does get results — just not in any kind of normal way!

“Have fun, though. Glad you can keep your sense of amusement with these things. When I witness political speeches, it makes me momentarily give up on humanity ever making it beyond this or the next generation. Best for me just to garden and secretly throw pixie dust and Reiki.”

And so I conclude where I began … the truth of the matter lies somewhere between the Mike Adams “translation” of Agenda 2030 and the urgency of change and potential strategies expressed by Mark Bittman. It might be time to paint another portal door, though. Magic and Mama Earth are quite the wild cards!

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  1. “I came upon a child of god
    He was walking along the road
    And I asked him, where are you going
    And this he told me
    Im going on down to yasgurs farm
    Im going to join in a rock n roll band
    Im going to camp out on the land
    Im going to try an get my soul free
    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And weve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden”

    ~Joni Mitchell

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  2. Hoo boy, this could be the portal into a juicy conversation (as so many of these posts are!). Thanks for sharing these, but also for your own perspective on it.

    “… my views are both radically right and radically left …” — well, that sounds familiar. It’s an odd paradox, but paradox we be! 🙂

    Babies and narcissists (or what I now call “narcipaths” because the ‘traits’ and m.o’s overlap so much) … very interesting dichotomy.

    Much to reflect on, muse on, meditate and dream on, and “talk amongst ourselves” about (because, as you note, you can’t have conversation about these things with people who don’t want to or can’t go there!).

    It makes me think this: That we are, in our ways, ‘living’ the activism, and also ‘being’ it. By the latter I mean that it often comes down to ‘who controls the magic’ (as one writer put it, in writing about the Roman empire ‘invasion’ of Britain in the days of old), and the power of just how we approach that as catalyst or ‘medicine’. Not sure if that’s clear, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get it.

    Will reblog to share with others.




    • Yep, got it! Thanks for your additional comments and the reblog. I love the term “narcipaths”! Yes, that does sum up the overlapping characteristics. Love to you, Laura



  3. Reblogged this on Sophia's Children and commented:
    I deeply appreciate Laura’s perspectives shared here in her blog post, and as I jotted in her comments section, this post in itself (as are so many) is a portal or potential doorway into dialogue with “those who have ears to hear” and can actually have conversation on such things.

    Have a look; see what it stirs for you.

    Lots of love,



  4. Hey Laura,

    Wonderful site, beautifully conceived and thoughtfully written at every turn. Thank you.

    ‘…we need the Male Principle to get back in touch with the sacred, and we need women to become empowered in ways beyond putting on a pantsuit and out-aggressing all the men’. Indeed, change is long overdue. One hopes male and female alike are successful in their individual re-unions or re-emergence, thus permitting the subsequent union of male and female energies to establish a fertile and nutritiously supportive earth from which tomorrow’s infant shoots may grow and flower without fear, doubt or uncertainty.

    The world has been shamed by the broken dead body of a small child washed upon the UK shoreline having sought escape with his family from the tyranny of war and oppression in their middle-eastern country. It is yet another deeply poignant, emotionally penetrating and utterly needless reminder of the true extent of suffering currently being inflicted on our world. How did it ever come to a point where humankind has fallen so far from grace and Love?


    DN – 05/09/2015

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