Healing Through Lyme Disease

A negative comment on my 2009 article called, “Healing Lyme Disease” reminded me I had meant to reblog this excellent article. Thank you, Sage, for sharing your journey!

Medicine for the Earth

1621670_10152259618276204_1488955867_n~ Personal Holistic & Herbal Therapies for Lyme Disease ~

I’ve been wanting to write for a long time now about my journey with chronic Lyme disease, and what has supported my healing thus far. Many people ask what me what has worked well in treating Lyme holistically, since there are so few practitioners or doctors who have a lot of experience helping those with Lyme. This is a summary of my experiences with the medicines that have been amazing blessings along my path with this hidden teacher. I have followed my body and my intuition’s guidance, knowing there are many different allies in the healing journey that come at the right time for each of us.

Lyme has brought important transformations and blessings into my life, and well as a lot of challenge. Lyme has helped me to change in ways that were very needed and long overdue. It has taught me to care for myself in ways…

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  1. Posted by manyhahama1955 on September 3, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    Thank you, Sage, and Laura, for posting this. For one who has had (and may still have?) chronic lyme disease, i feel I could have written much of this article…our experiences and learning lessons are so similar. I recently had a huge flare-up and wondered if the lyme had returned or if it is CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) or both, so I have had to slow down, once again, and go within and make some adjustments. I am learning to listen to my body and learning to Trust it as well. Thank you again for sharing your journey. Peace and love!

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