Farewell For Now ~ I’ll Be Offline September 1st Through November 30th

Tania’s off to her new adventure! We’ve both noticed how she’s downsizing from house to RV at the same time I feel led to expand into the house next door as a creative, sacred and community space. David and I can’t wait until Tania and her Dave bring their RV on a trip to its likely point of manufacture in Elkhart County, capital of the RV industry. Meanwhile, big blessings on your sabbatical, Tania! Hugs, love and magic to all of you. ❤

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GAM_9836 webI thought about how I could likely write a really long post as this last one before I head offline on my 3 month sabbatical, but am guided to make this brief and instead share a simple message to leave with you in the form of the video below that speaks a message of the heart.

While it seems like long that I’ll be gone, with the way time moves like a flash, before you know it I’ll be back again, although much will have transpired not only for myself, but I know for each of you as well.

When I return I’ll share about my process and experiences during these months away, and will look forward to catching up on yours.

A few simple reminders as I leave, along with clarity on this time away, as I’ve received a lot of messages where it seems people haven’t understood what…

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  1. Hi. Laura

    Retreat sounds super.

    I had hoped to talk this week or next. But I guess that isn’t possible.

    If by any way you still reading emails I’d like to book and take note how much time I still have after last purchase.

    Timeline I could work on forever. Wonderful sense. But I still need to fill in some personal/ professional/ event understanding as I work to grasp an integration lifetime and how to be with it most optimely. ( Also still on the diet/ healing program till dec at least) Need some deeper seeing and understanding the connections between things ( seamless meaning) as you do brilliantly

    I just want to tell you I’ve never felt inspired the way you do me – it’s not that boring Ra-ra type but because the linkages you make with pieces in my life got so deep and meaning and where I stand comes thru. Thank you


    Have a great inspiring journey.

    Amy Barker-Wilson



  2. Hi Amy, thanks for your comments! Please send me a private email. It’s Tania Marie on sabbatical, not me. I don’t have any openings this week, but should be able to fit you in next week or the following week.

    Many blessings to you!


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