Graham Burnett & Nicole Vosper ~ What is Liberation Permaculture?

“Is permaculture about re-creating Eden or about changing the world in every way, even politically? Graham Burnet and Nicole Vosper make the case for a politically engaged, ‘liberation permaculture’.”

Thanks, David — definitely worth a read! “What is Liberation Permaculture?”

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  1. Posted by CindyW on August 26, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    thank you for this, Laura. I’m reading several Brit columnists who are not primarily political activists, who nevertheless would agree with this (Jacquie Woodward-Smith, Lorna Smithers, et al.), and post on related issues, in the context of financial “austerity”/Earth-destructive activities in their country (as we do here in this country).

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  2. Thanks, Cindy, I’ll have to check out their writing, too!


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