Double Helix Stairway to Heaven

Well, then! I finally know why the Runa Faery Druid Tania and I met in Mendocino in 2009 kept quoting Led Zeppelin. Pure Faerie in those lyrics when you tease them apart from the loud end to the song. Just like those tricky Fae, eh? The quiet beauty of Nature hidden in plain view. May Queen, Pan, hedgerow… I will never think of Zeppelin the same way again. Thanks, Cnawan!

Ethereal Nature

My musing for the day ~ from the origin of life, through all the steps of evolution, to the rise of the capability of Consciousness to become of conscious itself, the DNA strand is the Stairway to Heaven that we are collectively climbing. Little wonder that spiral staircases feel so magical…

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“The arising of space consciousness—a shift to vertical rather than horizontal awareness—is the next stage in the evolution of humanity, and it’s happening more and more as our awareness remains in the now moment.”
Eckhart Tolle


“I am saying that I see the emergence of space consciousness as the next stage in the evolution of humanity. By space consciousness I mean that in addition to our being fully conscious of things—that is to say of sense perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and whatever happens in our lives—there is at the same time an undercurrent of awareness or Presence…

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  1. Terence Malick’s movie “The Tree of Life” – one of my favorites.

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  2. Very cool!

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