Planning Next Year’s Harvest ~ Lasagna Gardening How-To

It may not seem like it, but now’s a fabulous time to begin imagining, designing and plotting next year’s garden. As we come into the season of fallen leaves, straw bales, and this summer’s yard waste, a little planning can turn all that free biomass into fertile, no-till soil. As a Mad Scientist Gardener, I’ve tried all sorts of methods, depending on the location and juglone (toxin from black walnut) levels of my soil. The Lasagna Gardening method, also called “sheet mulching” builds rich, deep soil over the winter, so you don’t need to dig in spring.

I love it so much, I’ll be using it to create a horseshoe shaped asparagus bed in the Blue House yard, a perfect edible hideaway for gatherings from spring through fall. I learned yesterday that an 18″ underground electrical line cuts through my would be horseshoe, and asparagus gets dug in deep. This information only solidified my original plan to build the soil up so that I wouldn’t need to dig down. It’s a great way to kill off grass and weeds, too, incorporating them into the overall soil fertility.

For those who find the idea of a no-till garden intriguing, here’s a Mother Earth News full description of how and why to try Lasagna Gardening for next year’s bounty. Enjoy the planning …. and the harvest!

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  1. Posted by Lauren McKinney on August 19, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    August is a great time to pick up moving boxes via Craigslist. They are a great base for a lasagna garden.

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    • Thanks, Lauren! That’s right! I have my own cardboard delivery service from Elkhart Family Bicycle, which is so wonderful, but for people wondering where to get boxes, moving time’s a great time to do so. Some health food stores and grocery stores will also let you take over their old boxes.



  2. […] Source: Planning Next Year’s Harvest ~ Lasagna Gardening How-To | Laura Bruno’s Blog […]



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